How Does Influencer Marketing Work for Tourism


“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind”- Walter Landor

Every industry has to set a branding campaign for their product and reach their targeted audience. Traditional mediums like TV, billboard, newspaper, have a vast audience and thus fails to define the exact number of targeted people for the brands. With digital advancement in the form of apps and social media platforms, the world of influencers has changed the promoting and branding strategies.

Apart from the fashion & cosmetics industries, the travel industry is benefited equally by collaborating with travel enthusiasts. Both the parties, the tourism business as well as travel influencers have their own share of profits.

To understand more about how influencers help the brands or why travel brands looking for influencers let’s get into the blog. This blog will especially help travel influencers and tourist brands to know the utmost importance of each other in the digital marketing world.

Why the travel industry needs influencers?

The influencers are the ones who are constantly engaged with the millennials. The travel industry is experience-driven, and these travel freaks can make that experience count in the public eye.

Now, people no longer rely on website comments or photographs of the hotel and accommodation on Google search, all they want is a live experienced person showing or sharing his moments from the destination that the former has decided to visit.

In the digital world, where every news crosses at a lightning speed, how can such experiences take a back seat? The travel influencers specifically collaborate with certain tourism agencies to enhance their hotel & travel marketing. They visit the places and share the experience with people by making a video or reel telling about the ambiance, services, travel fares, and more.

Everything right from booking a flight to living in the place to roaming famous destinations is documented for the people to watch in 5-10 mins. It is similar to a travel show but without any ad and is made to capture the utmost important things.

Thus, influencer marketing is way cheaper than a television show or primetime advertising slot. It also forms a longe term bond with the traveler for further collaboration.

Key benefits of the travel industry:-

  • Influencers are way more accessible financially than the traditional marketing mediums
  • These influencers have a precise set of audience that a tourism industry wants to target
  • The business can easily know the post engagement, views, comments, and know the feedback without any misunderstanding on the post itself
  • They can be on the site with the influencer watching and guiding them throughout the process unlike the famous tv artists or reporters roped in for an episode who throw tantrums & cause ruckus all over the place
  • The business can gain brand awareness and brand awareness much faster than traditional marketing strategies.

So these were some of the key benefits of why a tourism business should collaborate with influencers and strategize their online campaign to obtain better results than the other advertising and brand promoting genres.

Now, if you are a frequent tourist passionate about being an influencer, then there are travel brands looking for influencers all over the world with a set of perks like free accommodation or free transport, or maybe any other suitable barter for both the parties.

Now, if you are a newbie in town there might be a burning question in your mind like what should the travel influencers offer to the tourism businesses to get more online business? Let’s get into it briefly before ending the blog

  • Attract brands through your content creation: You need to come up with new ideas, location-wise photoshoot setup, and brainstorm your thoughts on how you can beautify a given destination or make use of that particular place to grab your follower’s attention. The travel brands looking for influencers will specifically look at your previous work and will find your add-ons to the place. Be creative with your videography skills, speech while describing the place, covering the most famous and beautiful places, and more with the photography too. This, will define your own niche and set you apart from the other travel influencers.
  • Maintain your engagement & followers: A brand coming to you for collaboration will expect a certain number of followers and engagement ratio on your every post. They will also look at your comment section to know your audience as well as the location tags you use to be more specific about the demographics on your page. You need to be precise about your audience and the engagement analysis with the agency, if possible with facts and figures in hand which helps in building trust in your work.
  • Paid and barter collaboration facility: You need to work out certain parameters for free and paid marketing collaboration. Barter always helps you to get more collaboration when you are a beginner in the influencer market. Once you reach a certain level, there will be brands coming with a set budget for the online campaign with you. You need to decide the criteria of what will you provide in both the scenarios. Both of the strategies must be exquisite and should highlight your online luring audience skills to the brands.


Influencer marketing is ruling the world and has the ability to boost any business possible. Being an influencer in today’s digital era is a boon for you, just understand the need of the brand along with your own online image and amalgamate it for your audience. This will give you, your audience, and the collaborated party the desired result and ways to build credit fast.

As far as the travel and tourism industry is concerned, there is no end to it. There are travel brands looking for influencers with every new hotel-accommodation or place opening. Everybody wants to be on the online space to grab the attention of Gen Z, thus, you can be the one to lure them and earn money from travel along with immense popularity among the crowd.

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