How does cursed text generator works


You only utilize the alphabets of the language in which you are composing the text while producing a regular text. When creating a cursed text, on the other hand, the primary goal is to eliminate all of the text’s words.

 In this case, deleting the text does not imply that it is ruined. It implies that the text should be changed in such a manner that each letter seems different and is difficult to understand. Examine how the cursed text generator operates:

  • When we write something in regular text and change it into cursed text, it takes all of the Unicode from many languages to make that text odd. 
  • Not all languages use simply the alphabet; some also use symbols. A cursed text generator generates text by combining alphabets and symbols. 
  • A crazy level button is located at the end of the text area. You may use that button to make your text as bizarre as you want it to be.
  • As previously stated, a cursed text generator use Unicode. Unicode necessitates the usage of special characters from other languages. A typical text can become more odd and glitch with the use of special characters, depending on how much strange text you desire.

Cursed Text Discord

You may also use a cursed text generator of Calculatorology to produce discorded text to add intrigue and appeal to your charts or posters. On a cursed text generator, you can type normal text, but the right side of the text generator will display discorded text.

 Your discorded text or typefaces, which you may use in your posters or charts, are now visible on the new side. These disjointed sentences are presented in a variety of forms so that you may select the one that best fits the topic of your poster. There’s one thing you have to accept as it is.

It is not possible to change the font size of the discorded text. As a result, you must utilize the discorded text of the same font size that appears when your normal text is changed. 

You’ll notice a lot of new characters that are utilized to make your writing more interesting. These characters aren’t found on a standard keyboard. So, don’t be shocked if you come across any innovative and attractive text. Using these Unicode can enhance the appeal of your poster.

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