How Do Live Casinos Work?

In the age of digital information, if you don’t incorporate the use of technology into the way that you conduct business, then you’re definitely lagging behind. And whenever you’re dealing with matters of technology, you must continually find ways to push the boundaries and find new methods of doing things. Essentially, the goal isn’t just to get your hands on the newest technologies. It’s also about figuring out how you can use this technology to make your products or services better. This is the reason why many retail stores have opted for mobile apps that allow users to shop from their phones. Sports leagues like the NBA have developed apps that allow consumers to access games on demand. Restaurants are making it easier and easier for diners to gain access to their food, whether it be through reservations or deliveries. It’s consistent in all industries.


But what about casinos? You bet.


The first major digital innovation that the gambling industry saw was the formation of online casinos back in the mid-90s. Essentially, the way online casinos work is that they make use of an algorithm called a Random Number Generator or RNG. This algorithm is embedded into the software that runs the online game and makes sure that it performs smoothly. An RNG is responsible for allowing a casino game to simulate the probability and chances of a real-life game. It’s basically a mechanism that greatly mimics the conditions of a game in a traditional setting but within a virtual space. It’s also there to ensure that casinos won’t cheat their patrons by rigging games to favor the house. These RNG-powered game codes are regulated and licensed by third-party bodies to make sure that they’re legitimate and up to par with industry standards. 

What are Live Casinos??

But despite the fact that RNG is incredibly trustworthy, there are still many people who are either skeptical about it or who prefer a more human touch. This could be due to the fact that some people just don’t trust the algorithm or they prefer for their dealers to be live human beings. Many online casino operators saw this and wanted to cater to that particular market. Thus, the birth of live casinos.


Live casinos aren’t always present in all online casinos. However, they are growing more and more popular these days and a lot of online gamblers, especially the novices, aren’t aware of what live casinos are or how they work.


Think of a live casino as a merging of two worlds. It mixes the best parts of two different ways to play casino games. It takes the humanity and personal touch of a traditional casino and mixes it with the convenience and innovation of online casinos. With live casinos, people still use their phones, tablets, or computers to play casino games online. But instead of relying on RNG-powered games, they have actual human dealers that are dealing the cards with them via the same technology that’s used for video conferencing.

The Tech Behind Live Casinos

Well, the first and most basic part of the technology behind a live casino is the video conferencing. This is not a revolutionary piece of technological innovation. Every day, people are using software like Zoom and Facetime to have video calls with their peers and loved ones. This is also essentially the same kind of technology that is powering the capability of live casinos to have players fully interact with human dealers. But there’s also an added element to it.


The cards that the dealer uses in these live casinos contain microchips that are installed within them. These microchips then send certain signals when they are activated by a sensor on the table that the dealer is using. These signals are then broadcasting the information over the internet to online players so that they see how the game is unfolding in real time on their screens. That’s essentially the simple elegance of the technology that drives live casinos.


Again this is not a feature that is readily available on all online casino platforms. But it’s becoming increasingly popular to the point wherein a lot of casino operators are investing in this new technology to be able to feature this gaming option on their own sites. 


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