How can kids have a very good command over several kinds of measures of central tendency?

In the world of statistics and mathematics, people have to represent data with the help of representative values that will approximately help in terms of defining the entire collection. This particular representation is also known as the best possible measure of central tendency and the name itself suggests that this will be the value around which data will be centered. The central tendency is in the world of mathematics classified into mean, median and mode. Everybody is very much interested to go with the option of scoring well on the mathematics exam but to achieve this particular goal people need to have a good command over several kinds of chapters and ensure that there will be no problem at any point in time.

Statistical analysis will always deal with the collection of data as well as information for a particular purpose and the tabulation of every data into the game of statistics will help in ensuring that overall goals will be easily achieved. The representation of any kind of collection of data can be undertaken in multiple ways for example pie charts, bar graphs, pictorial representation and several other kinds of things.

Following are the basic ideas about the measures of central tendency like mean mode median

  • In the case of mean people always need to be clear about the entire process of finding out the average of the given collection of data. This particular concept will be perfectly applicable for both continuous and discrete data and on a very general basis, this is considered to be the sum of all the values in the collection of data divided by the total number of values.
  • In the case of median people need to be clear about the middle value of the given set of data which has to be arranged in a particular order. If the number of values of observations is odd then the median will be given by N +1/2TH observation and if the given set of values of several observations is even then it will be given by the average of N/2TH and N/2+ 1TH observation.
  • In the cases of mode, this is considered to be the most frequently occurring data in the whole data set so that people can have a clear-cut idea about the whole thing very easily and efficiently.

It is also very much important for the people to be clear about the relation of mean, median and mode which has been perfectly explained as follows:

  • Mode is equal to 3 median -2 mean

In this particular manner, people also need to be clear about the formula of the range which will be the difference of highest value minus lowest value.

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