How Can I Score 100 Percentile in CAT? What Preparation Strategy Should I Follow?

CAT, i.e., Common Admission Test, is the most sought-after management exam in the country today. Several management institutes, like IIMs, accept CAT scores for admissions. CAT tests the accuracy, time management, speed, and subjective knowledge of the candidates. The preparation for CAT exam is never a trial. It is either 100% ready or no preparation. A CAT aspirant understands that scoring 100 percentile is not an easy task; one must study hard for a good result. We are going to see what preparation strategy you must follow to get a 100 percentile.

How Can I Score 100 Percentile in CAT?

To get a good score, one should try to answer at least 75 percent of questions correctly. However, each section of the question paper also has its significance in IIM admissions. To prepare for the exam efficiently, one must plan well, attempt numerous mock papers, and follow useful tips and tricks to get bonus marks. Toppers say that one should finish the syllabus well before the exam to get extra time for mock tests & practice. Also, focus on individual sections and practice your weak points with the help of expert guidance available at BYJU’s Exam Prep.

The following tips will help you to score 100 percentile in CAT:

1. Get your grip on the basics

CAT has three sections named DILR (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning), VARC (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension), and Quant (Quantitative Ability). Once you KNOW YOUR SYLLABUS WELL, start preparing the basics of all the sections. Fundamentals should be clear as most of the questions are conceptual.

One should not start solving the mocks unless the basics are revised well. Early attempts with incomplete study result in frustration and depression, and one may get demotivated for the exam.

2. Go through the mock papers thoroughly-

Once ready with the concepts, you can start taking up the CAT mock tests. Mock tests give candidates a feel of the real exam in terms of timing and the questions asked in different sections. However, the difficulty level cannot be decided by them. A candidate should perform regular mock tests to check their level of preparation now and then.

After the mock test, you must analyze what went wrong and find the solutions to problems to make a better learning strategy. Apart from mock tests, you should also check practice papers from last year’s exams. These will give you a good idea about the difficulty level and type of questions asked from each topic.

3. Keep an eye on the marking scheme-

Plan your questions well based on the marking scheme. There is a +3 mark for each correct answer and -1 for each incorrect answer. So, attempt questions you are sure about first, instead of the trickier ones. It will save you from losing the marks earned and utilize your time as well. 

It is also critical to leave many questions unanswered because of the negative marking.

4. Manage your time well-

Prepare a personalized study timetable & devote equal time to all sections. Identify your strong and weak areas before starting.

  • Plan your time well while attempting a mock test.
  • During the exam, never get stuck on one question for a long time.
  • Divide your time between strong and weak areas and give priority to sure-shot questions.
  • Few extra tips & tricks- 

  • Exam preparation may be stressful. One should stay mentally healthy by taking quick breaks between studies. Meditating, exercising, eating healthily, going for a walk, taking a quick nap if you are tired, etc., will help you stay focused & refreshed.
  • Discuss your problems in study groups and spend time with your friends & family. Arrange group sessions with fellow aspirants to overcome your weak topics & learn from their strengths. Positive support is most important.
  • Study in the early morning hours instead of late at night.
  • Don’t study anything new at the last moment before the exam. 

To get admission to an MBA, aspirants need to appear for the entrance exams. The most popular is CAT (Common Admission Test), and getting a good score guarantees admission to top Business schools. CAT is not an easy exam; hence the aspirants should prepare smartly for it. Both self-study and external resources such as coaching can be beneficial. BYJU’s Exam Prep can help you with your exam preparation. For a full-fledged preparation, focus on the basics, go through mock tests & practice papers, do proper time management and do a lot of hard work. This will help you in getting your dream score. 

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