How Bolkar App Is Shaping The Future Of Its Users

The advancements in technology have advanced our lives. Everything has shifted in a new direction. Our lifestyle, career, relationships, health, etc. almost everything has been reshaped as the world has embraced new technological changes.

Every generation experiences a new trend of technology and they are ruled by it. One reason for the rapid rate of technological growth is due to its benefits in numerous categories of life. If people didn’t find the changes useful or helpful, it wouldn’t be growing at such a faster rate, and the whole world wouldn’t be dominated by them.


Our smartphones, tablets, and computers are all full of various applications. Applications that include shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., food delivery apps like food panda, swiggy, and so on.

Other than that, knowledge- gaining applications are also very prevalent.

These applications run on our systems, but the truth is, our life runs on them.

It’s basic human nature to go where you get it all. Instead of going to separate stores, we visit the shopping malls- where we get everything. The same theory is adopted by individuals when it comes to applications. Owing to this reason, the Bolkar app became one of the most loved knowledge platforms. As humans like variety, the app puts more than 15 categories on our plate to choose from.

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These are the chosen categories, keeping in mind the life of an average Indian user. It’s not just a platform that revolves around academics. Bolkar has considered that knowledge has no boundaries; it can be regarding health or wealth. Every field has something to teach us. It may or may not be included in academics, but there is a lot to explore and learn in every category and Bolkar has acknowledged it.


It doesn’t matter what our age is, we all need a guide to help us out, and sometimes we can be the guide as well.


Starting a new business?

Various individuals want to do something of their own. Let’s take the example of wanting to start a new business. Bolkar has people from all towns. One can interact with the users from their town, and get to know the mindset of targeted age or targeted place of customers. Other than that, one may not be sure of which way to go in terms of a start-up, maybe confused between two options, asking for opinions by various experts on bolkar can help as a basic guide for you. 

Want to lose or gain weight?

Want to lose or gain weight

Okay, we all have been there. Either we want to lose or gain weight. You may have done your research on what to eat, which exercise to do and what not, and then absorbing so many things you end up being confused, right? Should I do this or not? Will both of these techniques be effective on my weight? and numerous small questions. 

You can’t afford to go to a health expert for such small queries. However, you can clear out these confusions and doubts by asking them about Bolkar, and get guidance from people who know the field.

Don’t want to watch the screaming news anchors?

We want to be updated about the events, situations, scenarios happening around the world, but we don’t want to get headaches watching those ever screaming news anchors, right? Well, in that case, Bolkar holds your hands as there is a separate section for recent events and news that has all the necessary information. We get-to-the-point and headache-free news.

After all, staying updated is important.

Career choice – the usual confusion

Almost all of us have been there when we stand at a crossroad when it comes to our careers You may either be stuck between

two options like getting a P.H.D. degree or getting a job, making a career in a field of your passion or your field of knowledge, and so on.

Career brings forward various confusions and questions, compelling us to look for guidance. A lot of users in India have found the Bolkar app helpful in getting answers to their questions, in helping them make the right decisions regarding their career, and in turn, shaping their future.

Preparing for competitive exams?

At the same time, there are thousands of students preparing for exams like UPSC, SSC, CGL, etc. Bolkar app stretches its support for these students as it aims to help users shape their future in the best possible manner. This category on the app is always flooded with guidance, the latest updates, preparation tips, and so on. Preparing for anything the right way is the key to success. Bolkar stands as a support to these candidates, helping them for their bright future, and in turn the bright future of the country.

Getting into spirituality?

Getting into the spiritual zone is a tough task, especially when we have doubts that hardly anyone around us can clear. Spiritual teachers over YouTube take forever to answer these questions. Bolkar has helped in shaping the spiritual side of life too, as there is a separate section where people interested in spirituality can interact, ask questions and get guidance on the same.

Even though the spiritual aspect is often ignored, it has a lot to do with shaping our future, as internal satisfaction and peace is needed.

In life, we need basic guidance in every field. After interacting with others and listening to opinions, shifts our mindset. It helps us weigh the pros and cons before making decisions. Taking the right decision contributes to shaping our future. After all, life is all about the choices and decisions we make. Therefore, we look for basic guidance, support, advice, and opinions on various matters. Bolkar does the job perfectly, and thus there has been an increase in its users as people understand the importance of listeners and guides.

Over 100k+ users have found it beneficial in getting the answers they seek in life. Bolkar’s intention of directing people to the right path has helped in shaping the future of its users.

Written By~Simmi Bhatnagar

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