How a Freelance SEO Consultant Will Help You Expand Your Company

The history of SEO is brief; it began approximately 23 years ago, when Google introduced its first search engine to the planet in 1998, with the goal of “organizing the world’s information and making it freely available and useful.” The SEO industry hopped on the gold wagon and began to build backlinks from folders, blog comments, and stuff keywords within page contents to exploit search engines after they launched PageRank, an algorithm focused on keywords and backlinks.

Since then, Google has revised the algorithm several times, PageRank no longer exists, and the SEO market is more complex and frustrating than ever, necessitating frequent updates due to the never-ending learning curve.

Technical SEO, site pace, crawling problems, off-page SEO, backlinks, user generated content, content development, content semantic analysis, keywords science, and website layout and design are among the more than 200 ranking criteria used by SEOs today.

As a result, the only solution for increasing internet traffic is to employ a freelance SEO consultant with a track record of promising ventures and experiences.

What to expect from a Freelance SEO Consultant

SEO Programs that are both robust and personalized.

As an SEO Consultant, my strategy is holistic in that I take a strategic view of the company and integrate SEO into it to maximize visitors.

Visitors, on the other hand, are just as successful as their willingness to transform and achieve the market goals. As a result, my SEO strategy integrates your goals, and each project is highly personalized and tailored to your company and industry.

As a consequence, I always suggest starting with a thorough SEO audit for any new customer. More than 50 things will be reviewed on the website as part of this. If you don’t get what needs to be done, there’s no sense in launching a new project for your website. However, you must keep costs down, which is why, as an SEO freelance consultant, I charge less than an agency. thus upholding a high standard of service.

Additional SEO Instruments

As a freelance SEO consultant in the United Kingdom, I combine innovative content and SEO approaches with professional knowledge. The technological elements of your website are just as critical as the content consistency and the user interface’s look and feel.

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Understanding HTTP Status Codes, for example, will give you valuable insight into your company’s online presence and assist you in identifying and resolving any issues that are stopping users from visiting your site. Any of the more common codes, such as 404 Not Identified or 500 Internal Server Error, might be familiar to you. Knowing some of the less-common codes will assist you in ensuring that your web is up and running.

Completing a technical SEO audit of your website is one of the most valuable things you can do for your company. Does this seem to be difficult? While the procedure can seem overwhelming, I have an SEO audit on my website. Simply enter your URL and keyword to get a full SEO audit in a matter of seconds. Your audit’s conclusions will assist you with further understanding your Google ranking and why it fluctuates from day to day.

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