What is a Stem Cell Hair Transplant? How does it help with your Hair Regrowth?

Hair regrowth solutions are getting prominence all over the world. The hair transplants currently in use are FUE, FUT, and DHI. More hair procedures are getting introduced so that you can benefit from them too. 

Similarly, a procedure called Stem Cell Hair Transplant is introduced to regrow scalp hair. You might be wondering what it is. Never mind, in this, write-up we will cover all the necessary details regarding the procedure.

What are Stem Cells? How is Stem Cell Hair Transplant Performed? 

Stem cells are special types of cells that are found in our bodies. They have the ability to reproduce into various types of tissues found in the body. They grow and expand themselves and can help damaged tissues by rebuilding and restoring them.

These are the details of the procedure: 

  • You will be given local anesthesia at the donor site.
  • Your surgeon will take out the stem cell tissues with the help of a punch biopsy. 
  • These are then centrifuged to purely obtain stem cells. 
  • These stem cells are then used for the final and main step, that is they are worked into the afflicted areas on the scalp.

This is the main procedure that is followed by the surgeon while performing it. However, stem cell hair transplant 2021 is still undergoing a lot of research to conclude a productive result.

What are the conditions that allow stem cell hair transplants? 

Hair loss is the major condition that allows you to get the treatment. However, these are the main problems that can make you eligible to receive the treatment.

  • Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness)
  • Female pattern bald 

Is Stem Cell Hair Transplant Available? 

Stem Cell hair transplant was expected to be available by the end of the year 2020. However, before it was available officially, the procedure was used for investigations and surveys.

Stem cell hair transplants are now available. These are not as common as the traditional hair restoration methods. The stem cell hair transplant 2021 is available at many clinics and health care centers that provide the treatment. 

How much does a Stem Cell Hair Transplant cost? 

The stem cell hair transplant cost in Pakistan is around 90,000 rupees to 3,00,000 rupees. The price can vary due to several factors, like an experienced surgeon charging more, technological advancements, the type of hair loss, and the desired look. These factors affect the total cost. 

What can I expect from the stem cell hair transplant results? 

Stem cell hair transplants have the potential to regrow hair. The results recorded were impressive and an increase of 29% in hair growth was observed.

The results after the treatment are visible within 3-4 months. However, it can take longer for some people, depending on their reaction to the treatment. The stem cell technique has provided satisfactory results and people have noticed significant hair development. 

Is a stem cell hair transplant permanent? 

Stem cell hair treatment is long-lasting and can produce healthy hair for a longer period. It is even applied to those people at times who are not qualified for hair transplant procedures.

The hair growth by stem cell technique can last for years. Nevertheless, for some, it might expire earlier depending on their body type.

What are the risks of stem cell hair therapy? 

The side effects of stem cell hair therapy are unknown and not recorded by any of the patients. However, the possible side effects include bleeding, infection, or minor scarring. 

Stem Cell Hair Transplants are evolving day by day. The main purpose of the treatment is to provide you with a fuller head. Moreover, a complete hairline is the objective, along with scar-less and risk-less treatment.

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