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People looking to LED plant plant grow light indoor have a few options: quantum plate lights, grow light with lampshade, clip-on grow lights, etc. Different shapes are designed for different needs. But light sources, which emit light for plants to replace the sunlight, are more important. Light sources can be classified into fluorescent, high pressure sodium, incandescent and halogen, and LED grow lights. Let’s take a look at each of the lights. 

Fluorescent grow light 

Fluorescent grow LED plant is popular with home gardeners. It is usually used for seed starting as it is easy to install and replace bulbs. But fluorescent grow light does not emit all the lights that needed for plants in the whole growth stage. 

Incandescent and halogen grow lights 

Incandescent and halogen lights were once used as grow LED plant. They are blue spectrum and good for the growth stage of plants. But they are not energy saving because part of the energy which do not produce light will generate extra heat. Neither of them is the best choice as plant light source for the whole stage. 

LED plant grow lights

High pressure sodium grow light (HPS) 

HPS grow light emits orange and red LED plant which are highly effective at regulating growth and development for plants. High pressure sodium grow lights provide enough light for plant growth but generate more heat than other lights. Although plants need heat in winter, we should keep a distance between the HPS light and the plant, since high temperature has a negative impact on seedling and plant growth . Another drawback of HPS light is its short lifespan. Sodium LED plant will get weak after using for sometime. 

LED grow light

Technology in LED light keeps growing. LED plant, being available in monochromatic sources and full spectrum sources, gain more and more popularity as they can provide any color spectrum required for every stage for plant growth. LED grow light also have a longer lifespan and consumes less energy. LED lights generate less heat thus saving the cost for the complicated cooling system. As LED  light is more energy saving, durable and economical in the long run, it becomes the best choice for most growers and home gardeners. 

LED plant grow lights

What we need to know before choosing LED grow light

Whether the light source is conducive to the growth of plants is what we need to pay attention to. Although all light sources have a certain promoting effect on plant growth, not all light sources are equal. To understand the role of LED light source in promoting plant growth, we must understand how light intensity of LED grow lights affect plants growth.

Light intensity 

LED plant grow lights

Sufficient light is important to growing healthy plants. But too much light is as harmful as too little. Light intensity is also known as PAR and it is measured in units of PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density). We don’t need to know how do they measure.When choosing grow lights, all we need to know is that we can refer to the information in PPFD pictures which illustrate the relationship between the distance of a grow light to plants and light intensity. As different plants need different light intensity, you’d better make clear how much light your plants would need before purchasing. 

In addition, output may drop at the edge of the coverage area. Less light intensity will affect plant growth. For example, if you illuminate a 5’×5’ grow tent with a grow light, you will find that plants in the middle of the tent grow vigorously a few weeks later, but plants on the edge do not grow as fast as those in the middle. Why? Because lights do not emit uniformly. And a good LED growing light will help you avoid this. 

Better options for you

To help you save money on your cultivation process LED plant, WEEGrow, specialized in full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants, launches a full spectrum LED growing light with unique reflector design improving 30% lateral light efficiency to help you enjoy higher yields while consuming power of only 150W. 

For those who do not have a specific zone LED plant to hang the light over the plants, WEEGrow designs a clamping grow lights to tailor people’s needs. With a strong clamp and an adjustable gooseneck, you can place the light and adjust the height to any position as you need. 

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