Gojek Clone – Introduce a Robust on Demand Business Industry for Entrepreneurs

Gojek Clone App is the eye of the storm that has struck mankind real hard with its powerful technological advanced features. Did you know that your customers can now hail rides just by waving their hands up in the air. If this isn’t cool enough for you then the next feature will blow your mind away – Book Taxis through your Apple smart-watches!

This app has put a dent in the universe with its versatility and innovative intuitive nature! But this on-demand service industry has dealt with a devastating blow of the Covid-19.

People are sceptical to even step out on their balconies to breathe in fresh air let alone step outside after the World Health Organization had declared this novel-coronavirus to be an air-borne highly-contagious virus. They have shut themselves within the confines of their homes and live in a constant state of fear. Fear of contracting this lethal virus and succumbing to it.

Taxi Drivers in deep distress:

No one wants to book Taxi Rides now because they are at the unease that they might contract it from the cab itself because there’s no surety that the seats were sanitized before the ride or all those who traveled in that exact same cab had worn face masks at all times and were regularly sanitizing their hands.

Restaurants are shutting down:

Customers have stopped ordering food online after the lethal first wave of novel-coronavirus. They dreaded the thought of contracting this virus from the complete stranger who is delivering the food or from the food package itself. They are cynical about the hygiene standards of these Restaurant Kitchens where the food is being prepared. After Dine-in was out of question during the peak of this virus, even their last resort Take-Away Food was failing miserably because no one was ordering food online.

Gojek Clone App couldn’t see its Service Providers’ misery and suffering!

This All-In One Services App became their Superman and launched Covid-safety features!

Face Mask Verification for Taxi Drivers:

It is now mandatory for Taxi Drivers to upload a selfie with the face mask on before starting a ride. The App Owner first verifies the picture uploaded and then approves the request to go ahead with the ride.

No penalty charges for Ride Cancellations:

If either of the Taxi Driver or the Rider is found violating the Covid Safety Checklist by not wearing face masks, then Ride can be immediately canceled by any one of the two without incurring any penalty charges.

What is this Covid Safety Checklist?

The Rider has to agree to the Covid Safety Checklist before one can even request for a Taxi Ride. The four pointers of the Checklist are wearing a face mask at all times during the ride, regularly sanitizing the hands, handling personal luggage on their own, and paying via an in-app wallet.

Upload clean sanitized pictures of the Kitchen on the App:

As an initiative to help gain the trust of the customers back, the Restaurant Owners decided to upload pictures of their clean kitchen spaces, cold-storage rooms, refrigerators and working stations. These pictures also included Chefs’ and the serving staff’ wearing face masks and hand gloves. Customers could also see regular temperature check-ups of the entire Restaurant staff being done including the in-house Delivery Partners.

Customers gradually opened up to the new reality and started placing online orders after thoroughly browsing through the pictures uploaded by the Restaurant. They were able to trust them now.

Voice Instruction for Delivery Drivers to pursue Contactless Deliveries:

The Customers can record a voice note and upload it on the app to help facilitate the Delivery Drivers to reach the destination faster. The voice note includes which choked streets to avoid, where to place the Food Package for seamless Contactless Delivery, and also where to park the two-wheeler. The Delivery Driver then clicks a picture of the Food Parcel at the doorstep of the Customer or wherever it was demanded to be kept and uploads it on the app as proof that delivery has been successfully attempted.


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