GoGoPDF Guide: A Hassle-Free Online PDF Converter Tool

One of the most used format today is PDF (Portable Document Format). Many individuals use it because it offers many advantages, and it is an ideal format for sharing your document online. An example of its benefit is when you use a PDF; it always maintains the same layout even when you open it on different platforms.

However, in some cases, editing a document is practical before sharing. The best tool for editing a document is GoGoPDF. In this article, we will discuss GoGoPDF, how to use it, and the best functions you should try.


GoGoPDF is a website that allows you to edit a document depending on your needs. In terms of editing a document, you will enjoy a long list of functions that can help you utilize your PDF document. These functions are PDF to WORD, PDF to JPG, PDF to EXCEL, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to PDF/a, PDF Merge, Optimize PDF, and a long list of functions you should explore.

Having all those functions available in a single platform makes it one of the most go-to websites. As you can have all those functions available in a single visit, you don’t need to visit the various websites to configure a document. GoGoPDF takes pride in its goal to deliver a convenient and quality service for everyone. 

As it offers a simple and straightforward service that allows you to convert your PDF documents directly. It is one of the well-respected online PDF converters by many individuals that already have experienced their quality service. If you are looking for the finest online PDF converter, this should be put on top of your consideration.

Merging PDF (Portable Document Format)

First of all, why do we need to merge a document? The document recipient might find it complicated when download or opening a PDF document individually, which is the same nature as scanning multiple PDFs that have the same topic. 

For that reason, it is convenient to merge your PDF. Although one common disadvantage about this feature is, it does not support the Adobe Acrobat Reader in its free version. You need to pay a sum of the amount to use it in their premium function. However, the best alternative for an Adobe Acrobat Reader is numerous free online PDF converter tool on today’s internet. 

One of the best to use when merging a PDF is GoGoPDF. But it would be best if you took note that merging multiple PDF can make the newly converted document into a larger file than usual. Hence, having this another function for you can be a great advantage to reduce your document’s file size.

Compress PDF (Portable Document Format)

Why do we need to compress PDF? One common reason why we need to compress a PDF is for the document to have a faster transaction when shared online. When compressing a PDF, it shrinks the file size, leading to a quicker transfer of files online, allowing you to save up room for your device storage.

In a more complicated explanation, when you compress a PDF, it optimizes the bits and bytes to lessen the document’s overall file size. However, when compressing a PDF, most of the time, it takes expense with the quality of the document. This makes compressing PDF are not advisable when dealing with images and important documents. 

How to Compress A PDF with GoGoPDF

Most of the first time users of an online PDF converter tool don’t know how to convert their PDF. In this part of the article, we will be teaching a detailed explanation of how to compress your PDF with the use of GoGoPDF.

  • The thing you should perform is by uploading your PDF into the system of GoGoPDF. You can upload your PDF by selecting your desired PDF and directly uploading it to their system or by dragging and dropping it to an allotted space.
  • The Second Thing is to let GoGoPDF do its job and merge your PDF files.
  • The third thing is to wait for your PDF to be converted into a newly transformed PDF.
  • The Last Thing to do is download your PDF into your device storage. You can save it into an online stage to save up some room for your device storage.


PDF (Portable Document Format) is a vital format when using an electronic document. However, you might encounter several needs to edit out a PDF. For that reason, it is essential to have an online PDF converter ready to use.

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