Global talent stream of Canada made permanent, easier to get a work permit

Canada is one of the most exciting countries for someone to immigrate. It’s true that Canada is also upgrading its Canada PR visa Draw programs from time to time. Now, the latest news is that it has introduced changes in its Global Talent Stream. As per this stream, once you have a job offer in this country from any one of the occupations, listed in the Global Talent Occupations list, you are eligible to get a work permit.

Move appreciated by technical employers in  Canada

This stream was earlier temporary but now it has been made permanent. As per this stream, Canadian employers can easily choose technical labor from abroad.  In fact, the move to make this stream permanent has been appreciated by the technical entrepreneurs of Canada. The Canadian start-ups which are experiencing high growth now are quite impressed with this change. This stream was introduced in the year 2017 and under this scheme, employers can easily invite employees who have experience in STEM(science, technical, engineering and medical( based professions.

The major privilege offered to the Canadian employers under this scheme is that they have swift processing of LMIA. If the LMIA is able to discover that there are no workers in Canada equipped enough to do the job, then the concerned Canadian labor can be given a work permit in 10 days.

So, it saves the time of the Canadian entrepreneurs who had to wait a lot of time for the LMIA to get approved. Now, this move has been appreciated by the Council of Canadian Innovators, which consists of almost 100  Canadian IT entrepreneurs. There is a growing need for IT workers in Canada and its true that around 2021, there will be a need for 216,000 tech workers in this country.

What is the labor market benefits plan?

In the event of such an opportunity, Canadian entrepreneurs are easily able to hire someone from abroad without incurring huge costs. Employers who are interested in using this stream to get foreign workers must submit a Labor Market Benefits Plan that will indicate how hiring foreign workers will help the job creation process in the  Canadian economy. There has been a lot of hope associated with this visa and Canadian employers have already committed that they will be able to produce 40,000 more jobs for Canadians. 90 million CAD will be invested by them in the development and training of the Canadian employees. So, all in all, this move will be quite positive for the Canadian economy.

The federal government of Canada has also decided to dedicate some amount to this program, equaling, 35.2 million CAD over a duration of 5 years, from the year 2019. Every year, 7.4 million CAD will be devoted to this program in these 5 years.

The Canadian employers are supposed to provide a benefit of providing more training to the Canadian employees working under them. These Canadian employees must be trained in skills and techniques useful for their future employment. Apart from that, they should also recruit more Canadian workers and provide internships for Canadian citizens. So, this is the responsibility of the Canadian employers if they want to opt for Global Talent Stream. The Global Talent Occupations List has been provided for this stream, and as per it, employers can’t pay more than prevailing wages in Canada for the same occupation to anybody hired from abroad. The employer if he is unable to find the prevailing wage for that occupation should pay the wage which is listed for that occupation in the National Occupational Classification code list. Once a work permit is obtained by a technical worker as per this stream, he can apply for PR after a year.

An employer who is interested in submitting this application must submit the Global Talent streamapplication form on a special portal. Contact us to get more information about this work permit stream. The concerned employer has to prove his business legitimacy by submitting a balance sheet and income statement forms. He should also not have defaulted in the past as far as recruitment is concerned.

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