Glass Bongs – How to Choose One That Suits You Best

Handmade glass bongs, or hand blown glass bongs as we will commonly call them, are fine examples of unique glass art. Handmade glass bongs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The term hand blown refers to a process by which the molten glass is shaped into an artistic design. The word hand blown can also apply to any glass object that is created by a sculptor. Some common hand blown glass include oil lamps, stemware, bird feeders, wind chimes, and wine glasses.

Handmade glass bongs:

Handmade glass bongs, or hand blown glass bongs as we will commonly call them, are unique quality handcrafted products for relaxing pleasure. Hand blown glass pieces are typically hand blown by skilled glass blowing experts at their studios, which is why each glass bong is truly an original. Hand blown glass bongs come in several different sizes and shapes including; flower vases, animals, birds, dragons, frogs, pumpkins, mushrooms, turtles and many more.

There are two basic categories of glass bongs including wet and dry smoking types. Wet smoking glass bongs produce smoke from the burning paper while dry smoking glass bongs do not produce smoke but heat from the glass piece being smoked. Different types of glass bongs serve different purposes and come in many different types, designs and colors. Some common glass bongs include tank, pipe, bubbling, heart, bent, balloon and many more.

Smallest glass bongs:

Mini Bongs refer to the smallest glass bongs with a diameter of.5 inches to about one inch in diameter. They are popular with male users as it does not require a lot of height for the seller to hold while working on it. Mini bongs also give users the chance to show off their skills as it does not involve a lot of techniques to generate the hot glass hits. Mini bong works well with cigarette breaks.

Water Pipes are the most common form of glass bongs used for smoking. They are called as water pipes because the heat generated from the glass piece heats up the water that is inside the pipes. They are perfect to use with herbs. You can either use dry herbs in a bowl cut into two or you can use ground dried herbs in a grinder. The herbs will be placed in the bottom of the water pipes for easy access.

Silicone Bongs:

Silicone Bongs offer a wide range of glass bongs options in terms of shapes, sizes and colors. The main advantage of using silicone is that it provides a unique smoking experience because of its unique attribute wherein the heat from the glass piece doesn’t transfer to the silicone. This makes for an even more enjoyable smoking session. Another advantage of using silicone is that there is no need for maintenance or cleanup.

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Porcelain Bongs are another common type of glass bongs that can be used for smoking. These are considered the purest form of glass bongs as they are made from a special type of porcelain called borosilicate glass. They offer a very elegant look but they are also very durable and can withstand high temperature. This makes them the best choice when it comes to storing glass bongs.


There are several different types of glass bongs that you can choose from. All of these options offer something different to the users such as style, color, design and even prices. The shape of the glass also determines how high or low the glass bongs can be.

While the design of the bong is largely irrelevant to the users, color can have a great impact on the users. Some of the most popular shapes include the bubble, footed, beaker bong and the mini beaker bong. Hand blown glass pieces can be created for personal use or to enhance your decorative art collection.



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