Get a US Phone Number from Outside the US

The need to get a US number for businesses and entrepreneurs is increasingly becoming popular.

Customers tend to get impressed by companies and individuals owning a USA number. We highlight the best tips for getting a US number and the Advantage of using a USA virtual phone number through the iOS app.

Why Should You Acquire a USA Number?

The first reason that prompts businesses to get USA numbers is dealing with US clients based outside America. Secondly, a company appears more legitimate and reliable when they have a working US number.

Besides, getting a usa vanity phone numbers for business gives you an edge over regular phone number when reaching out to your clients. These alpha numeric numbers are easy to remember and reflects your brand. Also, such clients tend to respond to calls from US numbers instead of other random numbers from other countries. One gets the opportunity to specify their preferred state/city depending on the concentration of customers.

In the past, most international enterprises thought having a Google voice number would help with international clients. However, one needs a registered US number to verify the Google voice number. Getting a virtual US number is not a complicated process and as it takes a few minutes to complete the step up.


Process of Getting a US Phone Number

Acquiring a USA phone for personal and business use is a new trend that takes a few minutes. To get a reliable US number, we recommend OpenPhone as it is suitable for Android and iOS users.

OpenPhone is compatible with Android and iOS devices giving entrepreneurs toll-free USA numbers on their mobile phones. One can use the number from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

By choosing to get your US number using OpenPhone, you can easily separate personal and business communication. You can choose to set time to answer and make your business calls making your life easy and convenient. When it’s time to attend to your matters, you can always conveniently switch to your line and listen to such issues. The app allows you to record and customize a voice mail salutation for your business line, making you appear more professional.

You can select a number of your choosing from the thousands of US toll-free numbers contained in the app. One does not need an additional device or line as OpenPhone allows you to port the number. Such a simple innovation takes care of lots of logistics.


Key Features of OpenPhone

• Separating personal and business communication

• Transcription of your voicemail

• Choosing a company and private hours using the “DO Not Disturb Feature.”

• Shared responsibility with your team or business partner on when to respond to texts and calls from clients

• A dedicated address directorate separating business and personal contacts

Why Is OpenPhone Your Best Option for Getting a US NUMBER?

OpenPhone is a reliable business phone built within your phone to tailor-made for startups and individuals who want to talk to their US clients conveniently. The app works on both android and iOS devices and needs an internet connection.

If you have international clients based in the US, OpenPhone offers you an opportunity to set up a number in a matter of minutes. The dedicated US number can be used to call or text whenever you are connected to the internet.

Why do you need OpenPhone for Your International Business?

• Calling the USA and Canadian clients for free

• It supports MMS and SMS

• It comes with an auto-attendant feature

• Call routing feature

• Sharing the responsibility of answering calls and replying to SMS from the line

• Automatic recording of calls

• Dedicating business hours to respond and receive calls

• Several phone numbers linked to one account

• Suited for Canada and the United States of America

• You can integrate it into Macs and Windows devices

• Merging of emails and slack

• Allows web-based for browsers

OpenPhone is your one-stop shop for all your US number needs as you can port in an existing virtual number taking care of the logistics of managing two numbers. Enjoy using your virtual USA number from OpenPhone, as it’s known for its reliability and convenience. Besides, you get 24/7 support and upgrades promptly.

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