Keep The Game Addicts Teens Under Strict Supervision This Holiday With OgyMogy Spy App Monitoring

This year the word holiday or vacation has lost its respect and importance as people around the globe stayed home most of the period. And why not because as a responsible citizen and human being it is our moral duty to follow the protocols and take care of ourselves and the people around. A hashtag like #stayathome was probably the most used hashtag worldwide which is supposed to spread awareness. While most of the time staying at home there comes a time when the responsible one can start losing his/her mind. The whole family stuck in the home at the same time is a difficult situation to deal with. Especially if you have teenagers then you need to be prepared just like you are on the battlefield. As they have so much going on all the time that a sane mind can’t keep up with everything.

So to help all of those parents who are planning to spend the holidays with the game addicts or so-called tech-savvy teens, get the taste of spy app monitoring. The OgyMogy spy app offers different features that offer parental control features for the parents. Try different features and make sure that the whole family has a peaceful and stress-free holiday.

Take Notes About The Search Bar History:

With easy access to the internet and online gaming world, all parents must keep a record of the search bar history of the teen. Internet is a wide vast world, make sure your teen is using it positively. OgyMogy lets the user have access to the visited websites of the target person. Keep a strict eye on the browsing history of your teen.

Block any Violent Game Site:

Users can simply block any unwanted website from the teen gadget by using the web filtering feature of the OgyMogy spy app. Just block any online source that contains violent or triggering material content. Web-blocking feature is very useful in terms of parental control as along with gaming content, other malicious material can be removed from the access of the teenagers.

Check The Installed Apps:

App Store contains all kinds of app. Anyone who has access to the app store can download the app of the choice. Parents must know about the interest and hobbies of the teenagers and should know about the installed apps list. OgyMogy provides a complete list of all the installed apps of the teenagers to the parents. Thus any weird, violent game app will be flagged out right away.

Get Into The Video Folder:

Get into the video folder of the teen and know about all the recordings and images saved in the folder. OgyMogy lets the user have access to the captured, recorded, shared, or downloaded content like game images, video files, memes, etc. With the user of this feature, parents can know about the interest of their teen and what are they up to with the digital device.

Watch Their Screen Activity:

This one is the most extraordinary feature offered by the OgyMogy. Use the screen recording feature and check every major and minor screen activity with complete timestamp information. You can make surprise visits to watch the teen’s gadget screen or can access the web portal of the OgyMogy for the short recording or snapshots captured by the OgyMogy spy app. Now you can monitor the sleep schedules of your teen as you will know if they were busy with playing games till late at night as the screen recording feature will notify you about the screen activity. 

Keep An Eye On the Joined Online Forums:

There are different kinds of fan clubs or groups made on social media apps for game addicts. Make sure you know about them with the help of the OgyMogy spy app. Features like FaceBook screen recorder, Instagram screen recorder, Tumblr screen recorder records every activity of the teen for the parents.

Use of the cell phone spy app is one of the most efficient and smartest ways to know about the digital activities so today’s teens. The most attractive thing about the OgyMogy spy app is that it offers separate versions for Mac, Windows, and Android users.  Monitor the laptop, tablet, or smartphones of your teen and keep yourself up to date with virtual life.

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