Fiiu Apk v 2.0 For Android – Watch Movies and set alarms

Are you searching for the best alarm app?. Then download latest version of Fiiu apk from this website.

Fiiu apk is a free fun and entertaining alarm clock offered by Goodrich infotech system. It comes with some interesting challenges that you need to complete to turn off the alarm.

Further it provides a section for entertainment that contains latest and popular movies, web series and TV shows.

Moreover, it’s not heavy on storage as it only requires 14mbs of your phone’s storage. Having 4.6 star rating and 100K+ downloads from play store, it has become one of the Amazing Android apps in the world.

If you want to know about how to use it’s amazing fun challenges, read the article below.

About Fiiu apk

Fiiu is an alarm clock that is different from default alarm apps already present in phone. It is designed such that it can recognize simple objects like a glass or living creatures like pets.

Mostly alarms only consists of noisy ringtones that trigger when the pre-selected time comes.
But if you are a heavy sleeper then this simple alarm can’t wake you up. You’ll just turn off the alarm or keep hitting snooze again and again.

Fiiu has some smart solutions for this problem. It allows you to add some challenges that you have to complete to turn off the noisy alarm.

List of challenges is given below

-Smile challenge
-Picture challenge
-Math Equation challenge
-Sequence game
-Memory game
-Soft wake

You can customize your alarm by using any of these techniques. If you set a challenge of taking a smiley selfie to turn off the alarm, it will keep ringing untill you don’t click a selfie with a big teeth smile.

If this technique fails, you can add any problem solving challenge like solving a math problem.

It’s pretty annoying to solve a math question just after waking up but it actually works. It activates your brain and stops you from sleeping again.

For picture challenge, you need to take a picture of pre-selected object to turn off the alarm. This app is able to recognize objects. If you do not take picture of that object, the alarm never goes out.

For example, if you pre-select your pet’s picture to wake up, you’ll always have to take picture of your pet to turn the alarm off.

Moreover, you can use the alarm to remind other things. Like If you always forget to take medicines on time. Add a challenge to take a picture of your medicines.

You can also set other challenges like puzzles or memory related questions.
If you to fail to solve puzzle in first try, the alarm will allow to retry it untill you finally solve it.
Same rule applies for memory related questions. If you forget the answer, you’ll have to try again and again to give the right answer.

Well if you don’t like loud alarms that abruptly wake you up, you can choose soft wake option. It will gently raise your ringtone’s volume from low to high and you can turn it of before it gets louder.

Moreover, you can set ringtones from your phone’s media. Select your favourite sounds or download some new alarm ringtones of your own choice and adjust their volume as you want.

You can disable snooze option to prevent yourself from delaying the alarm. Also if you don’t like vibration then you can disable it.
But it’s good to keep it on if you are a heavy sleeper.

Furthurmore, you can set alarms for temprature updates. For example, set a limit of 45°C. When the temprature reaches this limit, it will trigger the alarm and you’ll be notified about it.

Use it to monitor your phone’s charging status. Select percentage like 100% and the alarm will alert you that your phone is fully charged. It’ll save your phone from batter heating problem.

How to use Fiiu apk as movie app?

Fiuu apk is also a movie streaming app. That means you can watch entertaining movies in your free time. It contains a huge collection of old and latest hollywood and bollywood movies.

You can also download movies by just clicking on the download button and watch them later whenever you are free. You don’t have to pay anything for that.

How to download and install Fiiu Apk

You can easily download Fiiu apk from playstore. If you are facing any difficulty then you can easily download it from our website.
Download option is given above with the title of this app. It only requires 14mb of your phone’s storage. Also it is free of cost.

Tap on the download option. It will redirect to the download page. Wait for some seconds and then you will see it downloading on the top bar of your device.

Once the download is complete, install it for using in game. To install any APK, first, you will have to allow unknown sources.

For installation, go to settings. Then go to security settings. There you’ll find an option “Unknown Sources”. Turn On or make it blue

Locate the file on your device where you want to keep this file, tap on the app and install it on your android mobile.

It’s Done, now you can set alarms according to your timings.

Final words

I hope you have understood this article about Fiiu apk. This alarm is really helpful for improving your sleep cycle. I highly recommend this app. Hope you’ll like it too. Give it a try and also share it with your friends who need it.

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