Fake Id Materials to Look Out For When Selecting an Online Provider

Fake ids pose a serious challenge to an individual’s access to vital services or products. For instance, an individual cannot get the right medication without a prescription and an identification card. It does not matter if you appear 50 or 16; an id is an essential part of your life if living in the US and many other countries in the world.

It is the leading cause for potential clients evaluating and assessing fast fake id websites to ensure they provide replicas of the original and not just a copy. A quality fake has all the elements and features of a real id and can pass for a legal id. However, to produce a quality replica, every fake id vendor requires quality machinery or equipment and knowledge. At IDGOD, we have the best of everything to ensure we provide you quality fakes, including:

Quality Printer

A significant piece of equipment that every id vendor cannot do without when providing fake ids. The printer must print or use PVC cards as primary materials when creating originals and their replicas. What matters is picking the right machine with the right capabilities.

You can choose dual-sided printers that can print on either side of your replica id. A laminating printer is also a necessity as they laminate the cards. Finally, a hologram and UV based printer will equip the fakes with these security features. These machinery types are expensive and can pose a challenge, especially if you do not know their use.

PVC Cards

Every fake or original card undergoes the bend test, which is the most common. How well the fakes bend and at what tenacity determine the validity of your fake id. IDGOD uses quality PVC and mimics the quality of original ids. The replica materials are easy to access, especially the PVC, which is accessible in online stores.


Even with a quality hologram and UV printer, you can still get the holograms in your replicas wrong. The government uses a master hologram, and thus, fake id websites must strive to match the same quality and design. In case you are designing and printing the hologram, ensuring precision can differentiate between one id card vendor and the other.

Since each state has a unique hologram design, layers of color, and multiple color effects, it is crucial to know and understand the layers. Some countries may have double or three color layers with each hologram. The UV reflection where you can see different colors reflecting at you is also vital.


The font is a significant reason for fake ids failing to gain you access to important places when you need it. It might be a simple feature, but it carries a lot of importance in a quality fake id. Bouncers and police officers can take a single look at your fake and throw you out of the club or into a police car.

A complete replica must have the right font in your real id to appear authentic. Fake id websites look at every letter before typing your data into the fake id card. Since most id cards use Avenir Font, many providers have equipped their pieces of machinery to provide exactly that!

Magnetic Bar Encoder

It is a crucial part of the generation of fake ids. A magnetic stripe allows a scanner to source an individual’s information checking whether they qualify or access a specific service before delivering on it. A magnetic strip is what makes a fake id pass the scanning test.

However, that is not all. The stripe must pull your data visible on a computer screen less risk identification as a fake. Quality fake id websites like IDGOD will provide fake ids that can scan and highlight your most important details for that event or specific situation.

Laminate Layering

A laminate layering is put on the fake ID card that protects the id from corrosion and other abrasions. The layer also protects the fake from physical tampering, which may destroy the quality of your id. If an individual desire to tamper with it, they instead destroy the whole id, which becomes non-essential to them and the original user.


Understanding what machineries a fake id provider has used the features on your fake id card, you can differentiate and identify quality providers. There are many online fake id website providers with fraudulent intentions. Knowing some of the materials in use can save you from making the wrong decision.

Even with this quality information, personal research on the website using social media and other trusted platforms can also help. Use the technology in hand to ensure you do not fall into scammers’ hands and preserve your money. However, with the above equipment, a fake id provider can ensure you have a top-notch design in your fake id replica.

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