Extremely soulful action-RPG. Brave Soul Review

A game that focuses on characters, and only then – gameplay. Creation of 2001, with a rather peculiar translation “Shadow Blade 5e“. If I hadn’t gripped her with a stranglehold, she would have easily fallen into the “Ghost Game” category. The first H-game I honestly bought.


A young man named Rudy is tied hand and foot by his father and thrown into the forest (Rudy was a lazy boy and did not want to do anything). From certain death he is saved by the faithful dragon Shell, who burned the ropes. And some Rudy. Having nothing but an old sword, he goes to the service as a hunter.

“My Way”

The game starts with a splash screen. Beautiful, driving, smooth. It is rather a full-fledged opening theme for the anime. It shows the local world, characters and their characteristics, as well as techniques, most of which are used in the game. Everything is so high quality that I already have goosebumps at the mere recollection of a few minutes of this video sequence! Of course, there are much better openings … But this is an ancient toy that few people know about!

This is not a harem!

During the game we are accompanied by beautiful girls. But our relationship will be purely businesslike. It just so happens that Rudy has impressive sword skills, so the fair sex will keep us company, because we are a good fighting comrade you can rely on. Between missions there is an opportunity to have a date with one of the girls. And for the whole game, you can fully get closer to only one, the same one.

After Rudy gets close enough to her chosen one, they seal their relationship on a night of love. True, this happens at the end of a rather lengthy play through, which makes Brave Soul a very innocent game. At least that’s what I thought when I brought the flash drive with the game to the computer science lesson. True, I forgot that at the very beginning there is an episode with a washing girl …

Gameplay with F95Zone

In fact, it is a diabloid. We rush through the dungeons, killing everything in our path. The difference is that chests are extremely rare, and we have few skills. Rudy both brandished his sword and performed special attacks, and continued to do so at the very end. True, we are always accompanied by up to two fighting friends, with a unique set of abilities. And here the original system of potions makes itself felt. The fact is that health potions are used automatically when we are on the verge of death. And the potions are common. Therefore, when a girl’s companion is low on health or mana, she will start using your supplies. If one member of the group runs out of health, then he “loses consciousness”, accompanied by the possibility of returning to duty. Pray you weren’t knocked out. The AI ​​in this game Firebolt 5e leaves much to be desired, and you may not be trivialized.

The missions in this game are varied, but they all have a timer. If you do not have time, the customer will cancel the contract, or another hunter will deal with the problem. The most optimal strategy would be to run through the dungeon in search of a passage to the next level in order to complete as many missions as possible in one playthrough. And the level can be increased in the arena, there you don’t have to worry about time. It is worth noting that the small number of loot chests is offset by the quality of the items that traders sell. Nice detail, because usually, in such games, a rusty fork from a dungeon has better qualities than a sword just made by a blacksmith!

Characters (edit)

Another feature of this game is that girls may simply not go on a mission with us. The reason may be fear of traps, the intolerance of the overly agile dead, a noble person as a customer. And everything in this spirit.


Strength and mind in one body. An extremely adequate person. Thinks before doing something. Does not dislike what he does not understand. Quite kind, though maybe a little rude.


He has a name, but everyone forgets about him, including me. A healthy fellow who is trying to bypass us in everything. He is very strong, but in our group there are two friends who quickly knock him off arrogance.


A cute little dragon that Rudy found injured and healed. Now she follows him everywhere. Squeaks charmingly. Has secrets. The only member of the group who can only use bracelets as equipment.


Our first companion, whom Rudy saved from a group of goblins. Affectionate and well-read girl. Just a treasure! In battle, she heals, attacks with magic and imposes barriers. Knows how to curse and bless. Possesses a monstrous resistance to alcohol.


A neko girl who was confused with a cat-like monster and locked in a cage. Rudy saved her. To be honest, I do not remember such a well-developed character in Neka. She is not human and belongs to a different race. As a result, her behavior may seem rather strange. Not like most people who behave like cats. Marin just has a different way of thinking! True, in battle, she is not so useful, in the later stages of the game she will be constantly killed.


Girl magician. Throws enemies with fire. Calm and reasonable. Stupefyingly afraid of the dead.


Thief. Possesses an overwhelming number of secrets. Can’t stand the rich. Knows how to neutralize traps at the level. He gets the most out of life.


Very long and boring gameplay. Very high quality drawing, and detailed characters. Crazy and monotonous music. In this game Eldritch Blast 5e, we observe the measured life of the most ordinary hunter performing guild tasks. So measured that at the end we almost accidentally destroy the ancient evil, which was mentioned in the text, at the very beginning.

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