Evolution of the audio industry over time

Growth of media industry has plunged audio technology from its very humble dawn to the most advanced audio devices and gadgets that are exceptional when it comes to quality and performance; be it ASMR microphone & outdoor stereo system or headphones that are barely visible in the ears. To know more about ASMR CLICK HERE.

The sound system you see and interact with is more than just a simple box producing sound; they are highly refined, engaging, and immersive that can be run on your fingertips.

Well, yes! You have heard it right. 

The most sensational audio devices these days are ASMR microphone & outdoor stereo system. The need for content creation has made it necessary for everyone to own a good set of a few audio devices for playing good, high-quality sound along with recording audio and visuals. 

The world of ASMR!

ASMR as the name says, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a tingling sensation that gives rise to pleasant and peaceful feelings in your brain. In the last few years, ASMR is breaking records in interactive content on various platforms. 

ASMR videos are loved by people of every type and age from all over the world, even the kids. It is because of how these videos work with your brain.

Let’s have a look at how ASMR audio and visual impact a human brain.

How does an ASMR work?

ASMR sounds are capable of producing a tingling sensation in the brain that travels from the head down to the whole body, producing a calming and relaxing feeling. These videos also have a hypnotising effect on the brain that take you to in the state of tranquillity. 

Possibilities for ASMR audio & visual!

There is always some kind of sounds that give you a tingling sensation when heard or felt. Coming to the possibilities ASMR sounds affect the human mind are endless. As every human is different, it is not necessary that if one sound give rise to a certain kind of felling to one individual, it will affect another in the same way. 

Here are just a few from the possibilities to ASMR sounds;

  • Murmuring or whispering
  • Paper crumpling or tearing sounds
  • Tapping sounds
  • Writing
  • Brushing hair
  • Touching the skin
  • Eating food sounds
  • Affirmations
  • Typing 

The world is a big place and you can never tell what brings joy and calm to someone. 

Benenits of ASMR!

It is not just about some sounds, but ASMR audio comes with greater and a wider perspective. It offers individuals with a lot of medical and health benefits, such as;

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Helping with insomnia
  • Lowering heart rate for a more relaxed state of mind and body
  • Treating loneliness and the feelings of insecurity

Listening to the desired ASMR audio or seeing ASMR visual as per it suits your state of mind can be highly effective in bringing calm.

How to get started with ASMR?

If you are planning to get into ASMR content creation, it is important to have essential or high-end equipment, such as;

Without spending a fortune, you can get these types of equipment at an affordable price without compromising the quality. 

What to consider before buying ASMR equipment

You can find the best equipment for your ASMR videos at an affordable price by considering what cerates the whole difference, such as;

  • Setting your budget first and foremost. It helps in narrowing down your search.
  • Looking for the features that directly affect the performance of the device you are going to get, such as connectivity, durability, battery power, and compatibility with various devices. 
  • Getting your products from a trusted source after going through customer review as they are helpful in understanding the reals time performance of the product.

Outdoor Stereo System

From the garage to the patio to porch or pool; outdoor stereo systems are flat-out awesome. Whether it is a huge pool party, enjoying peaceful music in the backyard, or a movie night, a powerful and high-quality stereo system is what makes everything even better. 

Evolution of stereo system!

What is an outdoor stereo system?

A stereo system is a set of speakers that offer distinct channels for each ear, producing better sound quality. In stereo systems, the music seems like a live performance as compared to other sound gear.

It comes with three most important and basic components;

  • A stereo receiver or an amplifier that amplifies the sound from input to output source.
  • A matched pair of speakers that give sound as an output.
  • At least one music source that can be your computer, mobile phone or tablet. 

What to look for in a stereo system!

To make the best out of any stereo system, it is necessary to go for the one that comes with features that directly affects the quality and performance of the speakers. Here are some of the things you need to consider before making a purchase for your next system. 

  • Connectivity; wired or wireless(Bluetooth)
  • Type of stereo system your environement need; standing stereo systems or bookshelf stereo systems
  • How many watts do you need depending on the sound you need
  • Placement; where you will be placing them


Once you are sure of what your needs and requirements are, it becomes easy to get the best audio gear for every kind of music to the environment you will be going to play it in. Even if you have upgraded your music gear just a few months ago you are way behind what is new and astonishing in the market. From ASMR microphone & outdoor stereo system to Bluetooth earplugs, the market is coming up with devies that offer customers with a true, natural sound expereince at affordable price. Besides personal preference and technical bits of the product you are into, a trusted soure to get your electronic devices plays an important role in the quality and performance along with durability. 


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