Everything you need to know about the Amazon Transparency Program

Amazon is a trending term in contemporary world. We need to understand all the key factors associated with Amazon and its transparency program. Let’s discuss… 

What is Amazon? 

First thing comes in mind after hearing the term Amazon is, an “E-commerce giant”. Basically, it is a Multinational American company of technology, that provides an online platform for buying and selling products. It is accessible to everyone and is readily providing merchandise either directly from the manufacturers or retailers.  

Working Methodology of Amazon 

Amazon provides an online platform to the people in order to buy and sell products. Method for shipping and selling products includes the placement of the products in the gigantic warehouses of Amazon, that will be directly shipped by Amazon to the customers. 

What is Amazon Transparency Program? 

It is obvious that thorns are essentials of flowers. Similar is the case with Amazon business, on one hand where there are numerous benefits to the suppliers, who are operating from the this online platform have to experience the existence of the fake products, that are provided by unauthorized sellers on lower rates as compared to the original product. In order to curb this malicious approach of the swindlers, it was necessary to bring some program or system that will help in differentiating between the original and fraudulent sellers. For this purpose, Amazon launched Amazon Transparency Program in 2017. It gives the edge and opportunity to the owners of the brands to secure the identity of the businesses that they are doing in retail market from the malicious intention of the suspicious swindlers and their counterfeit products.  

One important factor that is associated with the launch of the Amazon Transparency program is to ensure the sales of only original and branded products through the massive online e-commerce platform of Amazon. You can also use services like Urtasker to make sure you are following amazon guidelines  

It is important to discuss the point that why did it become necessary to launch Amazon Transparency Program all of a sudden, when Amazon was already working perfectly prior to this initiative. Let’s discuss… 

Amazon provides the opportunity to the sellers belonging to the third party for selling the products that have trademarks and copyrights by not having and penalty on them. Here the problem that arises is that not everyone is generous and loyal enough to sell the products of the original and they start manufacturing their own similar products, that are extremely lower in quality and are counterfeits of the original ones, giving rise to unsatisfied customers 

This platform has given opportunity to many new business entrants and entrepreneurs to initiate their businesses, but everyone has not been loyal to it. There are numerous Stock keeping Units of Amazon, so it is a difficult task to keep check on the integrity of every single seller or supplier. It has been excessively reported for past seventy years that there have been great number of swindlers that are producing counterfeits and are threatening the integrity of the original producers. For this reason, Amazon thought of initiating a transparency program, that will secure the originality of the products and sellers with the help of the owned barcodes.  

Goal & Aim of Amazon Transparency Program 

Sole aim and goal of launching this transparency program by Amazon is to secure the originality and legitimacy of the products being directly sold through the platform of Amazon. 

Working Methodology of the Amazon Transparency Program 

There is a proper way that is followed by the sellers in order to get along with the working methods of the transparency program. These ways have been enlisted below. 

  1. First step for the seller is to enroll in the Amazon Transparency Program. 
  1. Purchase of codes that are unique in nature specifically designed for the products. 
  1. Owners of the brands will generate and apply barcode labels, unique in nature, to their legit products. 
  1. Next step is to ship the legitimate products to the customers, that have the power of checking the originality and other related details of the products that they have purchased, by the help of those unique identifying barcodes by using the transparency application that is readily available on Play store and Appstore.  

Benefits of Amazon Transparency Program to Buyers and Sellers 

  • Buyers have the benefit in terms of having access to the guaranteed original products that can be verified at any moment. 
  • Sellers find benefit in having total control on the way their products will be sold on through an online platform. 

Everything has some requirements, that are meant to be fulfilled prior to entering in the specific work. In a similar way, there are some requirements necessary for the Amazon Transparency Program. Let’s have a look on these. 

Brands that are looking froward to enter in the Amazon Transparency Program are required to ensure that their products should have 

  • Trademark 
  • Presence of Universal Product Code (UPC), it is costly but is necessary. 
  • Need to have package design or a sticker for products. 

Brands that are looking froward to enter in the Amazon Transparency Program are required to ensure that their brand should be 

  • Registered in the Registry of Amazon brand 
  • Registered in the Amazon Transparency Program 
  • Of great quality and ensure to meet necessary needs 

It is definitely clear that once a brand gets the registration done in the Amazon Transparency Program then no swindler will be able to copy and create counterfeits. 

What is the future of this program? 

Launch of this transparency program is a right step taken at the right time, as there were a lot of swindlers and it was the necessity to introduce any such technique that will be beneficial for both buyers and the sellers. It has been observed that the actual benefits of this program can be enjoyed only when more brands will be utilizing this option. 


This article is a detailed yet handy description of an e-commerce giant, Amazon. Nitty-gritty of the Amazon and its transparency program have been discussed in an attractive manner here in this article. All the data has been collected from the authentic sources. 

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