Everything You Need to Know About Himway Escape E-Bikes

Are you looking for a specialized type of bike with larger wheels to move smoothly around the city in all weather conditions or off-road? Then, take a look at the Himway Escape. It is an amazing electric bike that can be used as a moped or a mountain bike.

To learn more about this e-bike’s features and characteristics, keep reading this Himway Escape review.


Himway Escape is a moped-style electric bicycle designed to allow riders to move around on an electric bicycle easily. It features a tremendously tough full suspension frame, which makes the side smoother and more efficient. In addition, you also have a seat extension option behind the single passenger seat for a second rider, basket, or saddlebag.

However, it is a nice electric bike, and it is very easy to get on the bike and pedal to your destination.


In this section, we have listed some features of the Himway Escape; they are as follow:

  • Excellent Battery Capacity

Himway uses Samsung 48V 14Ah lithium-ion batteries to ensure long life and outstanding performance. The range can go up to 45+ miles per charge.

Whether you live in a city where the temperature gets extremely cold or hot, its semi-integrated battery is a great option. You can effortlessly remove them and store them securely. Himway Escape comes with a two-year warranty on the batteries. Moreover, this electric bike also comes with a smart charger controller, which helps you make sure it doesn’t overcharge the battery.

  • Double Suspension and Hydraulic Locking

Himway Escape has a dual suspension system (front and rear), whereby bumps on any terrain are less noticeable and ensures driving comfort. And when you slow down, the Escape is equipped with a hydraulic lockout that provides a comfortable grip and pushes you to the next level while enjoying better control of your vehicle.

  • Upgraded Parts

It is a moped-type electric bicycle with a 750W motor and five levels of pedal assist, which provides more power depending on the level you set it to. It also includes an LCD which provides you with your mileage, horsepower, speed, and other information. In addition, there is a speedometer that can be set to current speed, maximum speed, or average speed.

  • Great Warranty Period

All-inclusive two-year manufacturer’s warranty covers all Himway bikes to the original owner against all manufacturing defects. The best part is the FREE returns within 15 days of the delivery option for all Himway e-bikes.

In addition, the Himway team provides comprehensive services from pre-sale to after-sale to ensure every customer has a good shopping experience.

  • Extra Features

The Escape electric bike has other cool features, including:

  • An integrated brake light that automatically comes on louder when using the brake levers.
  • USB charging port to power your phone, GPS, or any device that charges via USB. It’s ideal for long trips when you need to use GPS on your phone.
  • Mechanical disc brake that provides sufficient stopping power under all conditions efficiently. These powerful brakes will be your guard, protecting you from accidents.
  • The half-turn throttle prevents accidental activation, protecting you from accidental injury.
  • Puncture-resistant tires that provide improved grip and traction on rough roads. These puncture-resistant tires can give you an extremely safe and smooth ride, even on the most difficult terrain.

Himway also offers a wide range of accessories for its bikes, making it easy to equip them for delivery, daily driving, or just for everyday play from work.

Final Thoughts

If you are craving to buy a bike to get around regularly or often, Himway Escape might be the e-bike for you. It might not be a cheap option, but you can get your money’s worth when you compare mileage with other e-bikes.

Overall, it’s unbelievably proficient, fast, and even boosts your riding experience on off-roading. We Hope this Himway Escape review has covered everything you need to know about this electric bike.

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