Desert safari

Now that you’ve got a little wildlife on your ride, the next one brings a friend to accompany you. You might have guessed that already. Camels! Camels! Now, what’s a desert without a camel ride? Or what’s a trip to Dubai, especially a desert safari, without a camel? What proof do you have of the desert safari if it’s not the camel photos of you? What a pity it would have been to go back home without this one encounter. Desert Safari is going to give you a ride on the camel backs. It’s exhilarating, a new form of high. Camels are not species found anywhere in the world. Unlike horses, you don’t have the freedom to go back to the camel for a casual stroll. You’re sure to get a little ride here in the desert safari, but you can also have the choice of an extended trip to these bad boys across the desert. Talking about trips, it’s not just camels that you can fly on, and I’m sure you know where it’s going. Quad bikes!  Yes, you knew this was going to happen, and you were anticipating it. Looking for something much more fun, you have the choice of renting quad bikes and just sailing through the sand dunes, with your own pace and pace, which is definitely a thrilling experience. And not all of them are quad bikes. Dune bashing and sand skiing as well. You must have had experience or at least learned about your traditional skiing experience. Beautifully crafted, special dishes in the safari of the desert. You don’t have to worry about catching yourself in the desert under the sun, doing so many things, with adrenaline in your blood. You’re not trapped in an overhyped Hollywood movie, so you’ll find not just the water, but the best menu that Dubai has to offer. The food is based on your taste and what the Abu Dhabi has to offer. It’s different, it’s special, it tastes like the sky. The hospitality of the hosts leaves you all alone. Another frightening experience of the desert safari turning into gold is camping. Now I understand what you’re worried about. Camping? Setting up camp? At night, huh? In the dessert?  Alone?  How about camping in the mountains, with other tourists, in beautifully arranged tents and tables? Think it’s more like glamping. A lavish camping adventure that only improves your understanding of the desert safari, under a bright, dark sky, with beautiful sparkling beginnings, sitting among other travelers, telling stories and making a memory of each other. You may be in the desert, but you are being treated royally. The tables and chairs take great care of the food prepared on the spot, fresh and real, the warm lights around you and the beautiful, soothing music played. You are isolated from the outside world, living inside a space of total happiness. This is certainly a lifetime experience where you can take a break from the busy lifestyle that we all live in the chaos of cities, the pollution of trucks, cars and factories, and the noise of traffic.

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