Does Your Phone Really Need a Case?

Our phones have become a part of our lives. We go out with them every day and use them in everything – from communication to paying bills. This is one more reason why we need to protect our phones. For iPhone users, the dangers of phone damage are clear. That’s why it would help if you had iPhone belt holders.

Whenever you’re on the go, you’ll be sure of your phone’s safety when using iPhone belt holders. A recent survey has shown how smartphone users damage their phones. 20% drop their phones in the toilet, while 29% drop their phones down the stairs. A whopping 37% scratched their screens. It’s not that iPhone belt holders are 100% damage proof and indestructible, but there’s a chance they could prevent such damages.

Why You Need to Protect Your Phone with Cases Such as iPhone Belt Holders

This is a no-brainer for most smartphone owners. Well, some owners think that cases are bulky and hide crucial aspects of their phone’s design. But this doesn’t have to be the case, especially if you get the right quality casing. Here are some reasons to own a phone case such as the iPhone belt holders:

No Insurance

What’s the likelihood of you taking up insurance for your phone? Let’s face it – not many people take up insurance for their devices. And the reality is that some of them are very pricey and high-end. Thus, any permanent damage can be costly and highly regrettable.

And even if you take up insurance, the coverage only goes so far. Plus don’t forget the fact that you’ll probably need a smartphone during the time that yours is being repaired. The bottom line is that you need to have a case for your phone, mostly if you don’t already have insurance for it. iPhone belt holders can save you unavoidable damage when moving around with your phone.

Resale Value

People sell their phones for different reasons. This may be to offset the cost of purchasing a new device, or simply because you don’t need it anymore. When you make the decision to sell your phone, its current status will determine how much you can fetch.

If the phone is highly damaged, then you wouldn’t expect a high price for it. When it’s in good condition, the resale value goes up. Thus, iPhone belt holders and cases help to safeguard your phone from damage. Hence, retaining its value for future sales. With a well-protected phone, buyers will have to go deeper into their pockets when purchasing the device.

Impact Protection

It’s hard to prevent accidental drops when using a mobile phone. And that’s why it’s better to safeguard the device using iPhone belt holders and cases. This helps to prevent and cut down the chances of damage to your phone.

No matter your level of keenness or clumsiness, accidental drops are bound to happen at some point. And a phone with a case on will be advantaged compared to one that doesn’t have one, when these drops happen.

All it takes is one instance of butterfingers and your phone goes flying all the way to the floor. Modern phones are made to withstand drops and falls, but only for some distance. You can’t guarantee yourself to only drop the phone within these ‘permitted distances’ from the floor.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had unmatched peace of mind by using a phone case? Using iPhone belt holders will ensure that your smartphone is always tucked in position when you’re moving. This limits the chances of it meeting the ground. Don’t hold your breath just because you’re scared that your phone has a broken screen when it drops down. Be more confident with the phone case.

Remember, even a thin layer of shock-absorbing TPU phone cases can save your phone screen from an unpreventable disaster. This acts as a barrier between your fragile device and that sidewalk.


What’s more with these phone cases and iPhone belt holders is the low price of acquisition. Even the most sophisticated phone cases don’t cost much. Well, unless they have a golden construction maybe.

Most of the recommended quality phone cases go for less than $30. These are cases that have all of the protective features you need. Even the iPhone belt holders have pretty great protective features for your device.

And look at it this way – if you risk not having a phone case, chances are that you’ll part with more money in case of phone damage. Repairing a typical phone costs a lot. Not to mention a high-end device. So, why take the risk when you can save all that money using a phone case or iPhone belt holders?

Final Thoughts

In summary, iPhone belt holders have a pretty good ability to save your phone from damage. Using phone cases is more than just protection, but also aesthetics. In some cases, it even improves the look and feel of your phone. Get one today.

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