Does candidate skills testing make applicants stand out?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. Candidate skills testing is an extremely useful and effective factor in pre-employment screening. That is why an increasing number of staffing agencies are using skills testing software along with their recruitment software.

The recruitment industry’s competitiveness marks recruiting as an intense race for all parties – candidates, hiring companies, and recruiters. Everyone wants the best talent and the best opportunities at the quickest time possible.

Therefore, it is not unusual to apply all the smart tricks and use all the tools to generate great results. Skills testing is one such element. Making use of good skills testing software brings in a lot of advantages for recruiters and candidates.

How do skills assessment tests make candidates stand out?


There are many talented job applicants out there. It is the recruiter’s job to ensure that the best ones find their way to the hiring company’s advertisement. The company will then be able to make the final choice more easily when they have skilled candidates to choose from.

And candidate skills testing helps to make this an even easier process. The skills assessment results ensure that it provides a clear picture of where certain candidates are highly skilled and where they might be behind other individuals.

Here are a few more examples –


  • Quickly filters relevant candidates from mass applicants


Recruiters can receive a slew of applications for a job role. It makes their job easier if they utilize skills testing software to filter qualified and relevant candidates from other applicants.


  • Checks for skills exaggeration


It is not uncommon for a lot of job seekers to exaggerate their skillset. A recruiter must ensure that what the applicants are claiming is not very far from the truth. To this effect, candidate skills testing is very effective and valuable.


  • Provides proof of talent via the skills test results


The results from the skills tests are tangible evidence of a candidate’s skill set and abilities. Companies and recruiters can compare individual and group performances, and make their hiring decisions based on the result.


  • Standard test format ensures all candidates are evaluated fairly


Unconscious bias can seep in even when recruiters and hiring managers to work with the best of intentions. Skills assessment and pre-employment testing helps to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance.


  • Gives recruiters an edge over competitors


Skills testing software helps recruiters understand their candidates’ capability which they can promote to companies. Recruiters who skills test their candidates and provide the assessment results to clients are likely to have their candidates selected over others.


Online skills tests adding convenience


Online skills testing software is gaining momentum. As mentioned above, recruiters add good skills assessment software to their recruitment agency software.


And online skills tests are very convenient for recruiters and candidates. A good software provider will have a wide variety of tests. Some of the most popular ones are –

  • Literacy skills test
  • Numeracy skills test
  • Psychometric skills test
  • Microsoft Office skills test
  • Data entry skills test
  • Typing skills test


Recruiters can choose any of the relevant tests and send them directly to the candidates from the system. It will reach the candidates’ emails. They can start by trying the sample test first to understand how it works. Once they are done with their actual test, the assessment results are delivered promptly to the recruiters’ email inbox.


This is all very quick, efficient, and effective. Candidate skills testing is perfect for remote recruiting in this digital world.


In this competitive world, skills testing software helps to optimize the recruitment process and helps spotlight the best-qualified candidates.



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