Do Lashes Grow Back?

Long, full lashes play an important role in shielding our eyes from environmental damage. Insect flying, dust swinging, particle tossing around, and more – all these lashes prevent us from taking shelter in our precious lashes. So, our lashes are not only for making the eyes pop and beautiful; they also ensure that our eyes stay healthy as much as possible.

So, it is essential to keep our lashes healthy and beautiful as much as possible. For women who for one reason or the other lost their lashes and kept asking “do lashes grow back?” This content is for you and promises to open your eyes to a lot of things. But before, I want to introduce you to a product that makes your eyelashes grow back, and if you can’t believe this, I must say read the Nourishlash Reviews to believe

Eyelash Growth Cycle

Lashes, like scalp hair and every hair on your body, have their growth cycle. They grow at one phase, pause at the next stage, and shed at the final stage. It takes about four to eight weeks for lashes to grow and complete their cycle.

The anagen phase (the growth phase) is where the lashes continue to grow. About 30% of your lashes are growing and active. This phase may lapse for seven weeks before transitioning.

The catagen phase (the lag phase) is where your lashes stop growing. And in the telogen phase, your follicles shrink, and your lashes fall out, and new lashes take their place.

Not all lashes are in the same phase. Some are growing, some are transitioning, while others have completed their cycle.

Why You Lose Your Lashes?

Scientist proves that lashes grow after completing their cycle – that’s after they fall out. Hormones and genetics determine the rate at which your lashes grow back. Plus, lifestyle and daily habits may also determine how quickly you see lash growth.

For instance, people who smoke experience slower lash growth compared to people who don’t smoke. The same thing applies to people who consume excess alcohol.

Age also plays an important role in lash growth. Young people experience faster lash growth than old people. And older people’s lashes fall out more prevalently than younger people’s lashes.

Other factors are trauma and stress. If you rub, curl, or pull your lashes often, you may damage your lashes and lash follicles. Also, if you wear eyelash growth products that contain synthetic chemicals like paraben, prostaglandin, artificial dyes, and fragrance, your lashes may dry out, leading to sparse, thin lashes.

Another factor is poor diets. If you are a fan of junks, your lashes will take all the time in the world to grow back. Nutritious food may not be tasty, but they help you grow longer, fuller hair (including your lashes), enhance your skin, and improve your health condition.

Do Lashes Grow Back?

You can avoid most, if not all, of the factors we mentioned in the previous section with a healthy lifestyle and eating. Plus using a top eyelash serum. Why do you need an eyelash serum? When you experience sparse, thin lashes and you try growing them back without results, a lash serum will feed your lash root and follicles with the right nutrients while strengthening weak and unhealthy lash follicles.



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