All You Need to Know About DJI Robomaster

The 21st century can undoubtedly be called the age of technology. Although the revolution began back in the late 20th century, it has gained proper momentum in the last few years. Robotics has been one of the most vital technological advancements for humans. 

One of the world-famous examples is that of the humanoid robot “Sophia”. She appeared in numerous interviews worldwide and became a centre of attention. Similarly, several other robots are being developed. Although the purpose might be different, the basic motivation to make human lives easier is the same for every robot’s construction. 

Robomaster is a product of that technology made for students, to help them learn about the interesting concepts of robotics in a fun manner. The details and role of this robot shall be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs. 

Robotics in Modern World

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have learned to develop robots who would obey our instructions and perform the given task accordingly. As a branch, robotics is an interdisciplinary concept involving various subjects like electronics, computer science, mechanics, bioengineering etc. 

The main motto of introducing robots in the human world is to improve the quality of life by taking over dangerous jobs. Apart from that, using robots for jobs needing extreme precision is a great decision. For example, robots are very useful in the field of medicine. Due to their high accuracy, robots can be used to reach hard-to-access areas and efficiently perform surgeries. 

The paragraphs above have shown the importance of robotics in our present society. However, there are very few resources available to learn about them in detail. Especially for school kids who are curious about the concept. We can expect the upcoming decades to be pathbreaking only If the current generation gets sufficient knowledge about robotics. Here comes the role of robomaster, which shall be discussed in the paragraph below. 

DJI Robomaster – Role and Benefits

DJI Robomaster EP Core is a robot created to provide the best lessons to students of STEM. Created by DJI, this robot is an example of the absolute finesse of technology. The benefits are –

  • The robot is customizable. No matter which institution or group uses it, there is always an option to make it work according to the owner’s needs. The robot can be adjusted according to the curriculum followed and provide the best resources in the classroom. 


  • The product does complete justice to its price. With high-end technology and the best accessories in it, the robot is a monster! It has appreciable efficiency and is durable.


  • Most schools teach practical subjects like programming, physics, mathematics etc. in the wrong way. The robomaster bridges the gap and provides an opportunity to have fun while learning these subjects. It has a modernistic and inspiring approach for teaching the concepts to the students. 


  • It helps students to learn programming languages like Python from scratch. 


  • The prominent flexibility is provided due to its compatibility with third-party apps. One can connect the system with services like Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. This will provide a holistic approach to the process of classroom teaching. 

Is it Worth Purchasing?

The fun and efficient robot got rave reviews upon its release. One can check DJI Robomaster S1 Review: It Goes Pew Pew and Teaches Coding for a clear idea. 

Highlights: As discussed earlier, the robot is really helpful in the process of STEM learning. It aids in providing updated lectures and other resources to the interested students. If someone is serious, there are limitless opportunities available. The robot is relevant irrespective of age group. It can be equally useful for a teenager, as it is for a 7-year old kid. In short, it is a worthy landmark in the world of digital education.

Cons: A robot is ultimately a machine. No machine can be cent per cent flawless. However, the biggest drawback of the robomaster is its price. Thus it might not be affordable for everyone. Apart from that, the python teaching interface hasn’t been appreciated by the buyers well. Although if somebody has a basic knowledge of the language, this flaw can be ignored.

The robot is worth purchasing if you’re looking for the inclusion of something interesting as a part of the usual curriculum. For more information, don’t forget to visit DJI RoboMaster EP Core -updated from S1 2021. 

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