Digital Nomads: What Is It? How Can You Become One?

Let’s start at the beginning, with a definition:

“A digital nomad or digital nomad is a person who uses the Internet to carry out his occupation and/or to sell his knowledge to other people or companies. In other words, he works remotely, an issue that allows him to lead a “nomadic life”, that is, to be able to live traveling.”

From this definition, we can extract several ideas by way of characteristics.

  • Freedom of movement: You work through the Internet, which allows you to be anywhere in the world while doing your work (also known as “traveling”). Your office can be anywhere.
  • Different Business Models: 3 types of models are usually identified. The freelancer, the entrepreneur, and the employee.
  • Lifestyle: Digital nomadism should not be seen as a type of work or profession, but as a way of life that combines the changes that are taking place at the work level, together with the decision to take control of your own life and take it as you please.

Ultimately, this new lifestyle shows you that there is another way of doing things.


   1. The Change In The Work Culture


After the industrial revolution, there has not been another change as great as the one we are experiencing with the emergence of the Internet and the entry into the so-called information age. New technologies have changed everything, that’s obvious. How we communicate with others, how we establish relationships, our way of interpreting the world, and, of course, the way we work. What do digital nomadism and the change in work culture have to do with it? A lot.


   2. A different conception of work


We are all tired of hearing about presenteeism, warming up the chair, and unmotivating jobs that nullify people’s abilities. In the heat of the Internet, a new conception arises, freer and more independent jobs where the paternalistic model is abandoned so that the worker is involved makes decisions and strives to achieve goals. It is not about being “X” hours in the office, but about getting “X” results.


   3. Digital nomad a work and life alternative


As if we were programmed for it, they have all taught us that we had to study, find a good job, get married, buy a house, have children … But by breaking the idea of ​​the need to be in a place, the doors are opened to a freer lifestyle where you can live traveling and working. To this must be added that along with this new lifestyle, a more responsible line of thought appears about the life of each person.


    4. Find a decent job with a decent salary


Traveling all around the world is fascinating but you need to eat and pay the bills. Before you quit your job or make any changes in your life, you need to know that you are going to earn enough money to support yourself. 

Not only do you have the option of earning a decent salary, but you can start a business that allows you to have the lifestyle you want.


    5. Professionals of the future


Many jobs are disappearing as many tasks and processes can be automated, but new jobs are also emerging. Jobs that at the moment represent a great opportunity as there is a high demand and little supply which makes you able to charge more.


    6. Generate passive income:


They are called “passive” to the money that you can get in an automated way or without having to invest your time. For example, what you would earn from online advertising would be passive income. You put an ad and you don’t have to do anything else to start generating income.

But is there a conclusion?

This leads us to reality: in addition to money, with an online business, you can also save time, the most important asset for anyone. Time to do what makes you happy. Be it traveling, being with your family, walking, or anything else.

The fact of being digital nomads is also born with the vital need of many people to break with the lifestyle that society tries to impose on them. Being a digital nomad and having an online business opens the doors to generate money and have time, then with it, you can do whatever you want.

Of the more than 8.5 billion human beings who will live on the planet in 2035, one billion will be digital nomads. People without fixed schedules, without offices, and without any other geographical limits. 

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