Difference between windows and linux operating system

Choosing an OS for your computer can be overwhelming, and computer geeks have been debating for years whether Windows OS is better or linux. Windows users have to say that Windows is way better than Linux for gamers, whereas Linux users say that Linux OS is more powerful and secure than windows.

So who would you agree with?

Instead of just accepting what they say, why don’t I make a proper comparison and show you what is actually better for you?

So in this blog post we are going to take a look at 

Difference between windows and linux operating system

Here we’ll mainly talk about two most important things which actually matter for computer users, money and ease of use.

So let’s start with the first one “money”

Paid vs free service

Everyone knows that Linux is an open source software, which means anyone can download and use the Linux operating system for free. Whereas we can’t say the same thing for Windows OS. 

But it is not totally bad, Windows is semi free, it gives 90% of its features with it’s free version, and to fully use it you have to purchase the license where after the license you can personalize your windows a little better.

Although you can activate windows for free it would be unprofessional.

So we can say Linux is the clear winner here, but Windows is not very bad here either.

Now let’s talk about ease of use

Easy vs hard to use

If we talk about windows, it’s way too easy, although not as easy as mac, but it’s still very easy to use compared to linux.

With windows you can easily install new apps, troubleshoot problems or update apps, whereas with linux it would be hard to do the same thing. And if you have just landed on linux from windows all of this would be a nightmare.


So now you have to decide which one you would like to choose, of course there are so many other differences between windows and linux operating systems, but we will talk about that in another post.

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