Why is it Important to Know the Difference Between CEM and GL Exams?

In the UK, there are two major exam boards that produce the 11 plus exams: the CEM and GL Exams Assessment. Each exam board provides a different format. The type of exam your child will get depends on your region and grammar school. Every region and grammar school has their own preferences when it comes to the 11 plus exams.

As a parent, it’s extremely important that you know the difference between the CEM and GL Assessment exams. The type of exams your child must take will have a direct influence on your preparation. For instance, the CEM exam is more focused on vocabulary, making vocabulary-building practice sessions a must.

If your child will soon take the grammar school tests, the first thing to do is to find out which exam your region will use. Here’s a short explanation of why it’s necessary to determine this matter:

You Must Prepare Based on the Exam Format

As mentioned, the format will vary depending on the exam board. Imagine preparing your child using the GL Assessment format only to find out that your region will use CEM.

Your preparation plan must follow the format that will be used in your region. Make sure to contact the respective grammar school to determine which exam board will they use.

You Must Prepare Based on the Exam Format

Building Format Familiarity is Important

You must practice with your child to get used to a specific format. This familiarity makes it easier for your child to anticipate the exam. When they know what to expect, there’s less pressure, tension, and anxiety. They’ll be more comfortable finishing a test they’re familiar with.

Make sure that the 11 plus worksheets you use are based on the exam format your child will take. This leads to better familiarity, thus, establishes confidence within your child.

Time is of the Essence

The CEM and GL Assessment exams also vary in terms of the time it takes to complete. The CEM has two 45-minute exam sessions, though it may change every year. Meanwhile, the CEM and GL Exams Assessment exams take around 45 to 60 minutes to finish.

Time is extremely valuable in the 11 plus exams. Your child must answer questions under extreme time pressure without losing concentration. Time management skills are important to build during the practice sessions.



GL Exams

Assessment of Different Knowledge and Skills

The GL Assessment and CEM exams cover different sets of skills and knowledge. For instance, the GL exams cover 21 verbal reasoning skills. On the other hand, the CEM is more aligned with the KS2 National Curriculum.

If you know what skills are required to pass the CEM and GL Exams, you’ll be more comfortable in introducing your child to various skill-building techniques. You can also illuminate their weaknesses and improve them in the future.

Knowing the difference between CEM and GL Exams is important because it shapes your preparation techniques and methods. Make sure your child can defy the odds by passing the 11 plus exams in your area. Learn these key differences between CEL and GL exams to get started!

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