Descriptive words and Qualifiers in IELTS task

In IELTS Academic Task 1, the understudy is needed to examine a chart; graph, table or outline and afterward report the visual data in his/her own words.

The report ought to be developed in around 150 words and written in a way that plainly portrays each piece of significant data.

The visual data given to you regularly shows patterns. A pattern is a movement or relapse of information a specific way throughout some undefined time frame. Patterns can either be upwards or downwards. Your principle obligation in this errand is to clarify the patterns and think about them in a manner that obviously deciphers the given data.

Also what preferred way over utilizing Adverbs and Adjectives to explain the patterns unequivocally?

Distinction among Adverbs and Adjectives?

Descriptors: A modifier is a word used to adjust or portray a thing/thing phrase by giving an intricate feeling of the thing.

Qualifier: An intensifier is a word or an expression used to alter the feeling of an action word, descriptor, determiner, proviso or relational word. Its primary capacity is to characterize the spot, time and way alongside the degree and the degree of conviction.

To improve knowledge into the utilization of modifiers and descriptors, underneath referenced are the kinds of patterns and how one can utilize descriptors and qualifiers to portray those patterns.

There are fundamentally four patterns for example steady, moderate, quick and amazingly high/low that make for the development in a diagram.

There are different intensifiers and descriptive words that you can use to conquer the blandness of a boring review.

Some of such modifiers and qualifiers to spike your ielts writing task 1 are:

Descriptive words and qualifiers for steady pattern (with models)

  • The costs have been steady (descriptive word) for the beyond three years.

The costs have been expanding steadily (modifier) for the beyond three years.

  • There has been a consistent (descriptor) decrease in the public rate of birth.

The public rate of birth has been consistently declining (adverb).

  • The quantity of bikes sold was undaunted (descriptor).

The seller has been unflinchingly (qualifier) selling bikes.

Modifiers and intensifiers for moderate pattern (with models)

  • There was a slight (modifier) expansion in temperature.

The temperature expanded somewhat (intensifier).

  • Smash’s weight expanded bit by bit (qualifier).

There was a continuous (descriptor) ascend in Ram’s weight.

  • The climate of this spot is reasonably (qualifier) damp.

There is moderate (descriptive word) stickiness in the climate of this spot.

  • There is a negligible (modifier) ascend underway.

The creation expanded imperceptibly (qualifier).

Descriptive words and qualifiers for fast pattern (with models)

  • There is a generous (modifier) ascend in the costs of gold.

The costs of gold expanded generously (qualifier).

  • The city hall leader made a huge (descriptive word) gift.

The city hall leader made an essentially (intensifier) colossal gift.

  • There was an unexpected (descriptive word) decrease in the quantity of uses for the work.

The quantity of utilizations declined unexpectedly (intensifier).

  • There is an emotional (modifier) ascend in the annihilation pace of tigers.

The annihilation pace of tigers expanded drastically (modifier).

Descriptive words and qualifiers for outrageous pattern (with models)

  • The interest for PDAs showed a huge (descriptive word) increment.

The interest for PDAs expanded hugely (modifier).

  • There is a mind-boggling (adjective) rise in the quantity of understudies who need to study in the UK.

The quantity of understudies who need to study in the UK rose predominantly (verb modifier).

  • There has been a colossal (adjective) demand for natural food.

The interest for natural food expanded tremendously (modifier).

  • Sunlight based chargers have colossal (descriptive word) measures of energy.

Sunlight based chargers enormously (modifier) save a ton of energy.

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