Description About Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti is a popular and entertaining card game that has fascinated players for hundreds of years. The exciting rules of the game and simple winning techniques provide players with hours of fun and entertainment.

However, with the growth of online casinos, this classic card game has also come online, and we have seen how people make money by playing Teen Patti online.

Millions of players are crazy about this card game because of its rewarding nature. However, you need to know the Teen Patti rules before playing this game. You can’t win big prizes unless you know Teen Patty’s game rules.

If you are vaguely aware of the rules and want to know more about the rules for playing Teen Patti, My Casino Guru will have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the management of Teen Patti and how to play Teen Patti.

How to play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a straightforward game usually played by 3-6 players and uses a pack of 52 cards without jokers. Like any poker game, the game of Teen Patti begins with a bet that needs to be settled before the cards are dealt.

When each player makes a bet and the boot amount (the minimum amount placed in the pot) has been collected, each player is dealt three cards face down on the table.

When all players are dealt three cards, they must call or pick up. Calling indicates that the player will continue the game without placing a bet, but raising means adding cash to the pot. The player who raises runs the risk of winning or losing more than his original bet.

As the round continues, the boot volume begins to increase, remains in play, and the person with the best or best hand ultimately wins the game. Point royals or numbers are determined from high to low card rank.

Once you know the rules of a teen card game, you can figure out online real cash games quickly.

Teen Patti Game Rules

The rules of Teen Patti games are straightforward and don’t take much time to learn.

Ace is the uppermost in the deck, and two is the last. The goal is to put the top three cards in hand, or a higher card than the other players, and increase the pot before the end of the game.

The games are ranked from highest to lowest:

Trail or set

Of the three cards of the same rank, three aces are the highest, and three are the lowest.


Three cards in a row. It cannot be from the same suit.

pure sequence or straight flush.

Three consecutive cards in the same case.


Three cards of the same suit can be in essentially the same order.


Two cards have the same number. Note that the player with the higher number wins the game. The kicker’s card determines the winner if the pair has the same value.

High card

This occurs when neither player has a game (pairs, flash, trails, etc.), and the hand with the highest card of all cards wins if two players have the same high card, the winner with the next highest card.

Now that you know the game rules for Teen Patti, you should also be familiar with the standard terms used in Casino Teen Patti.

Teen Patti term

These are some of the most commonly used words in the world of Teen Patti games. If you want to play online with Teen Patti professionally, you need to know them from the bottom of your heart.

3-of-a-kind (“trio” or “mark”)

Three cards of the same ranking. Best hand in the game.

pure sequence (“straight run”)

Three consecutive cards in the same suit

Normal sequence or execution

It is a continuous card, but it is not the same suit.

Boot amount (minimum bet)

The amount will be put on the board before the start of the game.

Saw blind

Players who choose to bet on the card without looking at it and those who see it decide to wager after seeing the card.


Combining cards into a trio of consecutive cards. However, it is not necessarily the same suit.


The player corrects the maximum bet amount.

dispersion limit

The amount that players can raise according to teen patty game rules

No limits

Players can increase any limit.

sideshow or back show

In case of confusion, both players may show each other’s cards, and some weak hands turn the game.


The player passes out when the hand is not strong enough.

Playing the Teen Patti game is fun, exciting, and rewarding, but only if you follow all the rules of Teen Patti. If you ignore the rules and the game, you can lose. Teen Patti game provides an element of human intelligence to help people understand how to use expressions to make the next move.

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