Criteria for finding the best SMS API for your business

Compared to email, phone calls for communication SMS are the most popular method for sending text messages between mobiles. It has many advantages, including cost-effectiveness, less time consumption, discreteness, and high open rates.

What is an SMS API?

SMS API is a rest API (Application Programming Interface) that is simple and powerful. It allows you to receive and send SMS messages from and to your Android application using an HTTP REST interface. This makes it easy to integrate SMS messaging in any app or website without worrying about the complexity of working with SMS messages in Android. Features include:

  • Send and receive text messages using a simple HTTP, REST API
  • Send unlimited text messages from your number or any subscribed number in less than a minute with no charge
  • Forward existing incoming SMS to different numbers or Reply to them in a single request
  • You can send a bulk of messages, usually 160 in character, to market your product around the world


Or many more.

Here in this post, we will discuss some best SMS API’s in 2021 so that you can pick the one according to your needs.

Criteria for finding the best SMS API

Our criteria for finding the best SMS API UK mainly focus on the following;

  • The features that make an API appealing
  • Also, evaluate the geographical availabilities of the API’s
  • How much API costs for sending SMS
  • Easy of the application

Two best SMS API’s in 2021

Nexmo API

The Nexmo RESTful sms api permits you to send and get bulk SMS, offer private SMS communication, broadcast SMS with low inactivity and improved delivery rates, send event-based notices, and confirm telephone numbers. The API additionally upholds other well-known stages like Viber, WhatsApp Business, and Facebook Messenger. This API is a decent decision for sending SMS alerts. Nexmo API can send and receive messages from all over the world.


Nexmo utilizes a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which shifts from one country to another. For instance, with a U.S. virtual telephone number, you can get messages free of charge. In any case, sending messages costs $0.0069 per message.

Twilio SMS API

The Twilio SMS API is a powerful way to integrate text capabilities into your web or mobile applications. The guide will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to build a robust SMS system for sending short messages between users of your application. You’ll also explore how to set up basic authentication so only specific users can send text messages.


It is easy to use. There are libraries, complete documentation in the most famous programming dialects, and versatile debugging tools to permit you to install the API into your application handily. For $10 each month, you’ll get 100,000 credits for utilizing the API. One credit enables you to settle on one API call. Assuming you need higher credit limits, you can buy into any other paid plans, which range from $25 each month to $250 each month.

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