Could an Upgrade to a Dedicated Server Hosting Boost Your Site’s SEO?

In today’s times, search engines play an important role in ensuring site traffic and subsequent business. Hence, having a website optimized for search engines is essential in ensuring that people can find your site organically. While there are many ways of boosting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, the choice of the hosting server can make a huge difference. 

Today, we will be talking about Dedicated Hosting Servers and look at the reasons behind boosting your website’s SEO efforts by migrating to a Dedicated Server Hosting plan.

How do Dedicated Servers boost the SEO for your website?

1. Uptime Reliability

One of the biggest factors that damage the search engine ranking of a website is frequent downtime. Hence, you must ensure that you prioritize uptimes while choosing a web hosting plan. Based on the hosting type, there can be varying uptime assurances offered by the host. Of these, a Dedicated Server Hosting plan offers the highest reliability since the entire server is dedicated to your site. If you opt for Managed Dedicated services, then a team of technical experts can take care of your server and ensure that downtimes are minimal.

2. Site Speed

The speed of the website is another important aspect considered by search engines while determining the page rank of a website. Sites that take longer to load are usually ranked lower than fast-loading sites. In Dedicated Hosting, the entire server, with all its resources, is allocated for you and you do not share the resources with other websites. Hence, they have the potential of offering the fastest page-loading times with minimal latency. This can help boost your site’s SEO efforts.

3. Security

A website that has frequent security issues is not preferred by users and search engines alike. While hosting companies try to offer optimum security regardless of the type of hosting service, a Dedicated Server has some security benefits over other hosting types. With complete control over the server, you can change configuration settings and install any third-party security tool or open/close any ports to ensure the optimum security of your website. Also, since there are no other websites on your server, the security issues due to lapses on those sites are not present either. This helps in ensuring a highly secure site that works well for your brand image and SEO ranking.

4. Unique IP address

Let’s say that you are using a hosting service where the IP address of the server is shared between multiple users. If one user adopts unfair email practices and starts sending spam to users, the IP address can get blacklisted or even blocked. This can adversely impact the reputation and SEO score of your site too since you have the same IP address. With Dedicated Server Hosting, since you are the only site using the server, you have an IP address dedicated to you. Hence, you don’t have to suffer the brunt of irresponsible practices followed by other site owners.

Summing Up

Search Engine Optimization is a long process that requires you to project your site as an expert in your domain, offer a seamless site experience to users, and provide updated and relevant content. While there are various aspects that contribute to a good SEO rank, choosing the right hosting service can help you manage most aspects with ease. So, if you are feeling that your SEO efforts are failing to get you a good page rank due to the performance of your site, you can consider upgrading to a Dedicated Server Hosting service today. Good Luck!

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