Top 7 CouchTuner Alternatives to Watch free Web Series and TV Shows Online in Full HD

CouchTuner is an online platform where you can stream seemingly unlimited movies and TV shows, all of them available in premium HD quality. The site is user friendly, with all of the content being divided and segregated in neat little sections, such as genres, along with ‘top watched’ and ‘top ImdB’, so that it is easier for the user to look and choose from. It is actually much more accessed in United States of America, however, given the features of the site, it should actually be popular all along the world.However, if you want to explore some other sites, as great as CouchTuner, they are listed right down below.

Top 7 CouchTuner Alternatives


Megabox is a popular online streaming site and is just as free, where you can stream any and all kind of movies without spending a dime. The site is careful to provide the users with the latest movies, and therefore, you can see the latest movies updated in a short span of time. Since it is primarily for movies, there are different categories of movies, all of them available in HD.


Putlocker is a legendary site, and can easily become a perfect alternative to CouchTuner. While the domain issue still persists, you can still enjoy a number of good movies and TV shows on their official version, for which you will have to dig a little deeper. Nevertheless, the library is quite extensive, where you will get content from all kind of genres, including romance, science-fiction, horror and a lot more. Just make sure that you are on the official site and not on one of the many Putlocker clones.


Not many must have heard this name, but the regulars, who frequently use such streaming sites, not only know this one, but consider it to be one of the best sites. Alluc is not one of the usual, however – in fact, it is a stream search engine, with the library being filled with more than 80 million streaming links, from VOD services, as well as video hosters and file hosters. Just type in the name and within a few single clicks, you will be streaming the movie or episodes at the comfort of your own home. Feels a bit more convenient, isn’t it?


CMoviesHD is, as its users will suggest, hands down one of the best, most versatile sites where you can watch videos for free. The user interface is somewhat appealing and won’t strain your eyesight, especially if you are using it during the night. Yellow headings and white texts greet you on the black background, and if you look at the top, there is a search bar, so that you can find your desired content easily. The library is updated frequently, meaning you can watch movies just a few days after they are released also you can find more information at shopping thoughts platform which provide a to z information to the readers.


CafeMovie is quite an interesting addition of this listicle. The site provides not only latest series and movies, but also has an option where they are accessible to you comfortably and for free.  There are, however, many ads that crop up when you are using the site, which can by annoying to the user. However, it is perfectly and legally safe – wouldn’t it, therefore, better to tolerate some irritable ads rather than dabbling with legally unsafe website? I think so too.


Rainierland functions as same as CouchTuner and also happens to be one of the best free movie download sites. The interface is as same as the CouchTuner, where you can easily access the plethora of collection that it has and stream and even download it to your heart’s content.  The movies are not only divided into the categories of genres, but also by ‘the most viewed’ as well as the ‘best rated’, which makes a whole lot of difference, especially if you are the first-time users of the site. A simple search bar is located right at the top of the page where you can directly reach the movie or the series you wish to see.

7. ShowBox

Show Box is visually very appealing, especially to the minimalists out there. The design and the covers employed by the movies are even more attractive, and the black-ochre yellow color scheme helps a lot too. The main thing is the movies, all of which are available in amazing quality and comes with an option of downloading them. Most of the users gravitate towards the site because of the theme – it helps as it doesn’t strain the eyes in the darkness of the night.

CouchTuner – and subsequently, the other sites mentioned –is the best in what it does, i.e. providing a way to stream the content online without any qualms and penny spent. Isn’t that absolutely impressive?

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