Consumers Prefer Fast & Free Shipping on Amazon

Consumers buying from any online platform are looking to receive their product on a swift basis. It is human psychology that they want to receive and embrace a new item as soon as possible. It is possible to see, touch and unbox an item in the conventional mode of shopping but it is not feasible when it comes to shopping online. Business entities are trying hard to meet customer expectations but it is not possible in every case for every single item that is bought online. Many sellers are selling as third-party sellers while many others act as intermediaries. This is when they have to depend on the producer for the supplies. Although keeping a substantial quantity of products in the warehouse is mandatory but still, in the peak season sellers fall short of supplies. The buyers on the other hand cannot afford to wait. They prefer sellers that promise quick delivery of items. Olifant Digital is teaching sellers how to remain quick in the process of shipping. You can visit the website for more details.

Fast and free shipping relies on the supplier, stock, and delivery method in general. A seller can make adjustments with these three factors to ensure fast delivery of the items. It is not that difficult to manage to ship for fast delivery. A seller can choose any of the fulfillment methods to attain it. Amazon is ensuring it for the prime buyers and a seller can choose FBA to attain it. Fulfillment by Amazon is however not the only option as one can also fulfill orders on one’s own by using smart solutions.

What Does It Take To Ensure Swift Delivery Of Items?

Every online shopper likes to receive items on a swift basis. They expect free shipping after paying a certain amount during the product purchase process. Fast and free shipping depends on the following four factors i.e. supplier, stock, delivery method and, product price. Let’s take a look at each of the four factors to figure out how it works.

i. Supplier

The fast delivery of items will always depend on the supplier of your products. Amazon sellers often want to buy directly from the producers but at times they involve with the intermediaries as well. A seller’s ability to deliver quickly in all seasons will always rely on how quickly a supplier can serve the needs of an Amazon seller. One will never be able to deliver swiftly if a supplier is not working in line with the demands of a seller. A few sellers may try email marketing tips to keep in touch with the customers but the swift delivery of items will always ensure customer satisfaction.

ii. Stock

Smart Amazon sellers tend to keep a stock that lets them meet any kind of orders in any season. They will keep relatively low stocks during normal seasons but will always take up high inventory levels during the peak seasons. Having enough stock during a specific sales season enables a seller in meeting the demand of a buyer. One can deliver in a matter of two days if one has enough products in the warehouse. Although keeping the stocks may cost you a little in the long run but it will also help you meet the customer demands comprehensively.

iii. Delivery method

A lot of processes depend on the delivery method when it comes to fast shipping. One can use GPS-enhanced vehicles during daily sales but spreading a network of warehouses is a solution when it comes to delivering items to the far-flung areas. Reaching over a certain distance will always take time but you can either keep a warehouse in the target market or can partner with other intermediaries to meet the customer demand.

iv. Product price

The product price is another most important factor when we talk about fast and free shipping. It is hard for a seller to offer free shipping on any item that is being sold under the $10 tag. But one can surely deliver it for free if the price is around $100. Single and bulk buying is yet another factor that comes into the act during the process of free and fast shipping to the buyers. A seller will be able to offer free shipping on bulk buying but it will always be difficult to offer free shipping on the low price items.

What Are The Consumer Expectations When It Comes To Fast And Free Shipping?

Customers have a set of expectations when it comes to the shipping or delivery of the items. Here is what they expect from the seller after placing the order.

2-day shipping standard

The 2-day shipping standard is fast becoming the expectation of the consumers buying items on Amazon. The fast delivery is often linked with the 2-day delivery of the items. Consumers can afford to wait for another day but getting beyond three days or the optimum full week limit will annoy your customers.

Consumers want the shipping to be fast and free

Consumers do not only want the fast but also the free shipping on items they buy on Amazon. They expect free shipping after spending a certain amount on a product. The notion of fast shipping is certainly non-negotiable for modern-day buyers as they expect a swift delivery of the items.

Consumers want information about their shipment

The shipment tracking facility is provided by many courier service providers nowadays. Therefore buyers want the same when they are ordering on Amazon. They want to remain in touch with their shipment to their home.

Consumers want affordable quality along with the free shipment

Consumers do not only dream of free shipment but they also want to have affordable quality on every item they receive under the free shipping tag. All such buyers should buy from the products that are reviewed as best in quality.

Fast And Free Shipping Presents An Opportunity To The Online Sellers

Fast and free shipping is not only a demand but also an opportunity for the sellers. One can portray one’s offers around the notion of fast and free shipping to attract several buyers. This single slogan can attract customers more than anything else. You can just lure prospective buyers with this offer. But you will have to plan and manage it all before making that offer.

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