Complete Guide to IGTV Monetization

The commercialization of IGTV was announced for 2020. It is now making its way into the monetization of video platforms and is rapidly expanding. It is the first time that Instagram allows users to earn money directly from their published material. This will compete with other video services that have previously been commercialized, such as TikTok and YouTube.

We will also go through all of the regulations that Instagram has put in place up to this point for users to follow if they want to be eligible for IGTV monetization.

 What is IGTV Monetization?

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Instagram IGTV is a video platform that was designed to compete with YouTube. Allowing IGTV revenue is one method to assist content creators and inspire them to create higher-quality videos. It was formerly difficult to monetize content on Instagram. Users were required to provide items and services in order to be compensated by their audience.

This is why Instagram IGTV monetization is groundbreaking. Video artists will be paid directly for their work. The revenue is accomplished through 15-second adverts that display while your audience is watching your IGTV channel.

How Much Profit Could You Possibly Make Through IGTV Monetization?

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In an interview with The Verge, Instagram’s COO, Justin Osofsky, stated that the goal for IGTV monetization will be “industry standard.” This implies that content providers will receive a 55 percent cut of the cash generated. This is the same cut YouTube retains for video revenue.

This monetization technique is currently in its early stages. It is expected to become a more prominent rival among video platforms. The goal of this new policy is to bring in new content creators and influencers to the site. It also serves as an incentive, as commercialization necessitates acceptable conduct and high-quality material.

How Do I Enable IGTV Monetization?

If you wish to allow Instagram IGTV monetization, you must adhere to the Ads Terms of Service. These are available on Instagram’s official support website. We will go through some of the prerequisites in detail:

Step 1:

If your account is qualified, you will get an email with instructions on how to register for IGTV monetization and obtain access to the advertisements management menu.

Step 2: 

You must agree to follow the Instagram Partner Monetization Policies as well as the Instagram Content Monetization Policies. These regulations establish the moral criteria that both you and your content must follow in order for Instagram monetization to be enabled.

Step 3: 

Indicate if your account is personal or commercial property. If your account is a business property, you must disclose all of the company’s legal and fiscal details.

Step 4: 

Before you can consider being an eligible account for IGTV monetization, you must set up the payment method procedure.

Step 5: 

Once you’ve completed all of the prerequisites and agreed to all of the restrictions, you may begin utilizing the adverts on your IGTV videos. To do so, go to the ad manager of the already uploaded video and construct the commercials you wish to add.

Step 6: 

Even if you agree to the IGTV advertisements terms and conditions, you must still be examined by Instagram officials. They will determine if the videos you select for IGTV monetization advertising are suitable and appropriate.

Step 7: 

In your ad manager, you may specify the audience regions you want the ad to appear in.

Step 8: 

If everything went well, you will ultimately get income based on the number of views and conversions obtained.

Now, bear in mind that the restrictions are rigorous, and there are prohibited forms and content issues that you must avoid if you want to monetize your IGTV account. 

Here, we’ll go through some of the most important considerations for your Instagram account.

Formats That Are Prohibited in IGTV

Your IGTV material must be active. That is, static films created from simple images are not appropriated and will not be monetized. In addition, looping your movies will result in an offense and is not permitted.

To summarise, all of the forbidden formats seek to preserve video quality. As a result, Instagram ensures that the paid content is loved by the audience and that the advertising is a successful marketing tool.

Categories That Are Effectively Banned in IGTV

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The rules from Instagram prevent all improper content from being monetized. It contains unoriginal content as well as content that spreads falsehoods (Like anti-vaccination claims).

All categories that cause controversy and display unacceptable behavior are prohibited. A few of the categories include:

  • Criminal conduct
  • Sexual activities
  • Violence
  • Tragedy
  • Societal concerns such as politics, religion, and immigration

All of these restrictions and limitations may be found on the Instagram official website’s help page. You must prepare your content if you want to monetize your IGTV account. It is difficult to maintain content quality while adhering to all Instagram restrictions and keeping your audience delighted.

Eligibility and Prerequisites for IGTV Monetization

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Although IGTV monetization is still in its early stages, several fundamental criteria are evident. It is probable that content providers may be subject to rules similar to those imposed by Facebook. 

Here are some fundamental guidelines that must be followed in order for an account to be eligible for monetization:

  • You must have a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  • You must be located in one of the following countries to be eligible for monetization: the United Kingdom, the United States, or Australia. More nations will be added in the near future.
  • Your IGTV videos must be at least 3 minutes long.
  • Your material must be unique and created by you.
  • Your account has been operational for at least 90 days.
  • Instagram’s regulations must be followed when creating content. This includes, among other things, hate-free content, no violence or discrimination, and additional standards that will be specified later.
  • In the previous two months, your IGTV videos must have received 30.000 1-minute views.
  • The material must be written in English.

If you wish to achieve all of these standards, you must make a significant sacrifice. However, getting organic followers is a simple task by contacting

According to recent statistics, Instagram made $20 billion in income. This is more than YouTube’s $15 million in income. So, while it’s unclear how much money producers may make through IGTV monetization, it’s evident that the platform has promise.

Wrapping Up

The IGTV monetization option will most certainly cause you to reconsider your Instagram marketing approach. It’s no secret that creating an IGTV video may take a long time. 

That’s fantastic if you’re willing to prioritize high-quality, longer-form video content as part of your approach. That might imply that now is a good time to investigate Instagram technologies that can help you automate more of your procedures and lesser duties so you can focus on generating high-quality content.


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