Commercial Digital Printing: Advertising and Merchandising for Brands

Advertising is crucial for any brand or business. All products and services require marketing to reach the maximum number of consumers possible. This advertising and marketing can take many forms. Today, the most sought-after method of advertising is through digital mediums, like social media platforms. These avenues of advertising are efficient, with proven results. But advertising is also about giving to people, not just getting profits. Engaging consumers with discounts and offers are still a successful method of promoting one’s brand or business. Another technique is merchandising. Merchandising refers to creating custom products that have some relation to the brand’s products and services. These custom products sport the brand’s logo or manifesto, thus linking it to the brand. 

Any type of merchandising uses commercial digital printing methods to create unique merchandise. This merchandise is an effective strategy to attract customers. Brands usually give merchandise free of cost to encourage the individual to make a purchase. For example, certain cereal companies provide a complimentary toy inside the box. Many parents buy a particular cereal for the merchandise that they offer. It is undoubtedly a powerful tool to encourage purchase.

Merchandising for a Brand: What and How?

Merchandising requires intense market research of the target audience. Brands have to select merchandise that is unique and attractive yet useful. New entrants into the market will have to choose their merchandise more carefully than established brands. The same principles apply, but the stock has to create a more considerable impact while offering enough incentive to purchase. 

Today, every branded merchandise uses commercial digital printing methods or machinery. Having intensive knowledge of these methods helps brands have a greater understanding of their merchandising options. Printing is an integral part of merchandising, as this is the stage the product becomes merchandise. This printing could be a logo, a character or mascot, or some other aspect that reflects the brand’s uniqueness. Brands that are seriously considering merchandising as an avenue of promotion can purchase these digital printers online. Having the equipment themselves offers more control over their merchandising opportunities. Some essential merchandising equipment is,


Printers are probably the most vital machinery in any commercial space. Ranging from ordinary printers to 3D printers, all commercial offices require printing of some form. Setting-up a merchandising unit certainly requires the right printer. Brands looking for digital printers, like an OKI Printer, can use them to print their logo or any content onto paper. This digital printing is a lot more sophisticated than regular colour printers and offers many more printing options. These printers have an intuitive UI and can print on a range of media like gloss paper, transfer paper etc. 3D printers further the possibilities of merchandising by allowing brands to create their products.

Printing Accessories

Accessories refer to the medium for printing and the other paraphernalia required for the process ranging from plates, transfer papers, filaments (for 3D printers) to sublimation inks, toners and cartridges. Several brands offer this paraphernalia, and brands can place orders for them online.


While the merchandise’s actual products should offer enough incentive to make a purchase, including trendy packaging seals the deal. Packaging accessories like banding machines, stretch wrap, etc., allow for innovative packaging opportunities.

Brands wanting to set up commercial digital printing units can cut costs and increase creative potential. Setting up the unit may seem expensive, but certain websites also sell pre-owned equipment. These websites have a vast range of equipment for every need and can recommend setting-up a cost-efficient merchandising unit.


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