Cheap Cpanel license

For most people, web hosting is nothing short of a nightmare. It is because some website owners lack the technical skills to control their websites effectively. Moreover, most of the websites are written in HTML, and you need appropriate knowledge to make changes to the web pages. Therefore, you need a cheap Cpanel license to easily manage your website with or without any technical knowledge about the programming language.

What is a Cpanel?

Cpanel is the most famous Linux-based website management tool. If you have any experience in website hosting, you’ve probably heard about Cpanel and its benefits. The biggest problem that most people face is that their hosting server doesn’t offer a GUI-based management dashboard. It means that you either need to learn to code yourself or hire a professional even if you want to make minimal changes to your website. Cpanel provides an all-in-one solution to all your website management requirements.

Website management includes several tasks such as user interaction, data storage, graphics management, and even subscription supervision. In short, you need adequate knowledge about website programming to host a website successfully. However, Cpanel takes care of all these management tasks by providing a graphical solution and skipping the whole programming. For instance, you can change the location of a website component by drag and drop the process on the Cpanel dashboard.

Cheap Cpanel license

How to access the Cpanel dashboard?

Several firms offer you a cheap Cpanel license, ready to integrate with your website. When you purchase a license, you will need to register your website on the panel dashboard. After that, you will receive an email with the username, password, and server address to access your dashboard. Once the dashboard is set up, all you need is to paste the server address in your browser window and put your login information. There are many useful options in the dashboard that you can easily understand without any prior training.

Some of the features of the Cpanel dashboard include:

  • Domain settings: You can manage multiple websites directly from your Cpanel dashboard. There are several useful functions in this section, like site publisher, zone editor, and addon domains. You can use these settings to control the website location, niche, and addons on your domain.
  • Database management: Every website is based on a huge database that you need to manage manually. This section is vital to manage the database lists of individual domains registered with your Cpanel. Moreover, you can manage the different graphical components of your website or make improvements to your website. 
  • File manager: Every website is linked to file storage that contains all the files of your website,including text, images, links, and documents. Therefore, the Cpanel provides you the file manager to access, read and write all the files of your website right from the dashboard.

Cheap license options:

The license price for the Cpanel license is different for various providers. Some of the cheap Cpanel license options are:

  • LicenseFarm
  • LicensePreServer


Cpanel dashboard makes it very easy to manage your website without any technical knowledge. Many websites provide cheap Cpanel licenses with exclusive features. Be sure to check them out!

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