Changing Tires On Massive Vehicles

You may have noticed that tires on trucks are larger than those used on regular vehicles, but changing these tires is the same process on pickup trucks, SUVs, and sedans. But what about massive vehicles like those that long-haul drivers use? It seems that the tire size is significantly larger and until you’ve seen how easily truckers are able to change tires, it can be hard to imagine. 

Is The Process The Same ?

Given the size of vehicles like 18 wheelers, and how heavy a small sedan is, it’s understandable if you think that changing truck tires is a more complex process. However, the principle is basically the same. Truckers use jacks and lift trucks the same way anyone with a smaller vehicle would. It’s a more laborious process, and the equipment used can handle a lot more weight – but the idea remains the same. Lift the vehicle and stabilize it, unfasten the bolts, remove and replace the tire, and fasten the bolts before bringing the car down.

Special Equipment

Obviously, using your average scissor jack won’t work for a giant vehicle like a semi-truck. Whenever you’re buying a car jack, you should take note of the weight limit that it mentioned on it’s packaging somewhere. For example, a standard car jack that is used to lift up a sedan is usually rated for 1 or 2 tons. The average semi truck weighs over 11 tons – and that’s when it is unloaded!  In the United States, the maximum weight of a loaded semi truck can reach up to 36 tons. Needless to say, trying to lift a semi-truck using a 2 ton scissor jack is akin to using paper to lift it. 

For unfastening the lug nuts and bolt, you can use a standard lug wrench or a power tool. Profession tire changing services usually have an air compressor to provide the force needed for pneumatic tools so they can unfasten lug nuts from the tires much faster and easier. 

Does Jacking A Semi-Truck Require Exceptional Strength?

While it may seem like you need to be a bodybuilder to manage carrying the metre-high tire (with their wheel), this is far from the truth. If you’re careful enough to keep rolling the tire, then you only need to carry it for a short distance when mounting or unmounting it from the truck. Otherwise, it’s fairly manageable. 

The strength required for unfastening the tire from the truck is manageable as well, and most people can handle it with a little effort – unless they have chronic joint and bone problems such as arthritis or osteoporosis.As you can see, changing the tires of a semi-truck or similarly sized vehicle is not as complex as it sounds. All it that it re    quires is a little more patience and strength, as well as special equipment, to manage the higher weight of these vehicles when compared to standard sedan-type cars. If you are ever driving a larger vehicle and find yourself with a flat tire, there’s no reason to panic because you’re likely able to change the tires yourself.

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