What are catalyst switches and how do they work?

For those who are well versed in networking and setting up servers and routers of their own, you’ll know that catalyst switches can actually be incredibly helpful for creating efficient and suitable networks for a variety of purposes; whether for home or professional use.

With most switches these days encouraging server and network creators to include a range of customisable management features, read on to learn more about these catalyst switches and how they may be able to help you in your search for efficient server management tools.

What is a catalyst switch?

A switch is one of the more common components of a server that most networkers will be familiar with, but for those new to the industry, a catalyst switch refers to the brand of Cisco switches, named catalyst, that were specialised to work across all network interfaces across the brand’s release history.

The switches themselves have had plenty of upgrades over the years, with the most recent version of the switches being the 9000 series by daily tribute. All of the series work using Ethernet switches, making them very accessible regardless of the server’s characteristics.

The catalyst switches also allow several different types of devices to be connected at one time, not only increasing the overall efficiency of the server but also making the physical appearance of networking much simpler to navigate. In turn, the catalyst switches have made maintenance of servers and overall server management much easier

How does a catalyst switch work?

A catalyst switch works by connecting several different nodes in one place so that the network can communicate with more than one device at once. The actual switches themselves are also commonly referred to as LAN switches (Local Area Network switches), as they allow for a direct connection between many devices in one area.

This connectivity is enhanced by the catalyst switch, as the greater number of LAN connections available through the ports on the switches themselves, allow for enhanced speed and better connectivity in the long run.

What type of switches are available?

With the catalyst switches being primarily manufactured by Cisco, they are the leading brand behind the types of switches on the market right now. Different switches can be purchased for different needs, or more specifically, different servers.

If you have rackmount servers and you are looking for switches that work with that current set-up, Cisco also has specialised switches that support the installation of rack ears.

Where can you find catalyst switches?

You can find catalyst switches at a range of tech retailers and, due to the past couple of years being in and out of coronavirus lock-downs, a lot of workplaces have been reselling their briefly used switches. Thanks to this, you can buy refurbished switches at a much lower price than the current retail price for the catalyst switches.

Overall, catalyst switches are definitely one of the key components that any server management expert should be including in their build or their setup, whether for home or professional use.

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