Can’t get hang of the complicated rules of cards? Learn the simpler version here

Are you facing problems while playing different card games? Are you unable to understand different versions of different card games like rummy card games? Here are a few simple versions of card games that will help you understand the game much better. One of the most played and loved card games all over the world is rummy card games.

There are different types of rummy games played all over the world such as Gin Rummy, 500 Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, Canasta, Kalooki Rummy, Pool Rummy, 7 card rummy rules card games, Royal rummy, Dummy Rummy Points Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, Contract Rummy or 13 cards Rummy, etc. Dummy card games are similar to 13 card rummy games or contract rummy card games, etc.

Different card games like rummy card games are played not only in India but also all over the world. In general, card games are played for pass time but rummy card games are played very seriously among a few people. One of the most played card games among all other card games is rummy. 7 card rummy is one of the versions of rummy card games. Here we will discuss the 7 card rummy rules for you to understand them better.

What is a 7 Card Rummy Game?

As mentioned above, rummy card games have different versions and 7 card rummy game is one of the simple and full of enjoyment card games among all other versions of rummy card games. 7 card rummy rules are very simple to understand and fun to play. You can also show your matching skills of different cards while playing the game. Like rummy, here also you need to match the cards in proper sets. You can make sets with consecutive numbers and the same card numbers as well.

You need to get rid of all other cards and make more points to win the game. When you play the game on different gaming apps, you will find different types of features along with different types of cash rewards. Apps like Getmega offer a huge signup bonus for the users when they join the platform for the 7 card rummy game.

Here are some of the 7 card rummy rules that can help you understand it better and also help you win the game.

Rules of 7 Card Rummy Rules:

  1. Number of Cards: In other rummy card games, players get 13 cards but in 7 card rummy games, dealers distribute 7 cards to each player, which can be seen in its name also. The first 7 card rummy rules is to start the deal from the side of the dealer’s left hand.
  2. Number of Cards: 7 card rummy game is simple to understand because here only one deck of cards is used and no surprises score is needed to count. Also, the joker cards were included while playing this game. The 7 card rummy game is played with 52 cards. Each player holds 7 cards in their hands and the rest of the cards are placed face down in the middle of the table. Players take the cards from the pack in the middle and get rid of the unnecessary cards from their hands to make a proper set.
  3. Card Points: The points in the 7 card rummy game are very simple. The card values like Ace, J, Q, K are 10 points whereas the card values from 2 to 9 are 5 points. Here, Joker has the highest points which are 50. Thus, it is important for you to choose your cards wisely, so that you can grab maximum points in the game and win the match.
  4. The Starting Part: After the dealer distributes the cards among the players starting from the person sitting on the left side of the dealer, the game begins. The first chance is given to the person sitting left to the dealer. The person can start the game by picking up the pile of cards in the middle whether it is face up or face down. After the first move, the game starts in an anticlockwise circular way.
  5. Other Rules: The 7 card rummy rules can be followed very easily as mentioned above. When a player picks up one card he or she needs to get rid of one card from his card collection in order to maintain the 7 card game. When a player completes the sets he or she can say “Rummy” to end his or her game. A can have a three-card set and a four-card set with the same suits or different suits.


The 7 card rummy rules are very simple and fun to play. After the end of the first hand of the game, if they continue the game, then the person sitting on the left side of the dealer becomes the dealer and it goes on in an anticlockwise sequence after every hand completes. You can also play the game online in Getmega. Getmega is one of the most popular and leading gaming platforms which provides different online games. You can enhance your gaming experience and also earn real money from Getmega.

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