How to design Burger Boxes that attract your customers?

Having customers in your restaurant can be challenging enough for a manager or restaurant owner. But have you considered the visual appeal of your burger boxes?

To help you out, our team has compiled this list of tips for designing a burger box that attracts customers. It contains a variety of design rules and guidelines to follow. For example, how many colors to use and what fonts should be used. You can be sure that it will help you get the kinds of burger containers that you’re looking for!

Color Selection: Use a Bright Color Scheme Design.

The color schemes of your burger box design should be bright and attractive to draw attention. It is natural for people to like bright, vibrant colors, so use the brightest you can.

Neutrals to Boost Dominance: Use Cool, Pastel Colors

This is one of the most essential rules of designing your burger box’s graphics. It’s basically a trend in the design industry, and it works well for drawing attention to your burger boxes. In this case, cool pastel colors such as blues or pale greys are good choices. Feel free to experiment with these colors in different designs!

Use Simple, Close-Knit Font Usage

It’s important to use simple fonts to avoid wasting space and creating the wrong impression. Take your time when considering the font styles, you want to use. For example, simple numbers or letters would serve very effectively in designing custom burger boxes. You can also go for fancy fonts like script fonts, but you shouldn’t overdo it!

Use Only One or Two Fonts

It’s a common mistake to use a bunch of different fonts. This can be very confusing and distracting, so make sure to select just one or two fonts to use in your burger packaging. For example, you might want to go with a fancy script font on the front and a more formal font on the lid!

Use Graphics for a Big Impact

Graphics in color will have more impact on your audience and will communicate your messages more effectively. When designing the graphics for your burger boxes, keep in mind that simplicity is the key, so try to convey as much information as you can with as little design as possible.

Use a Custom Logo (but Don’t Make it Too Complex)

The logo of your burger franchise is an important part of the brand identity. It should be just as important as a burger box. Don’t make it too expensive, though! A logo with just the name of your burger packaging brand or a simple graphic is sufficient, so you won’t be wasting money on graphics that most customers won’t even see!

Keep Fonts Simple

Once again, this is another important rule to follow. The more you use fancy scripts and fancy fonts, the harder it will be for people to read your messages and understand what they mean. Be sure to keep things simple when using this tools-the goal is to attract customers, not repel them!

Use Colorful Photos and Illustrations

Colorful photos and illustrations are an important part of your burger packaging box design. If you have a limited amount of space, do not use graphics that do not convey enough information or convey a specific message.

Go Vertical

Vertical burger containers are also known as bottomless burgers, and they’re an appealing way to make your burger containers seem larger than they really are. They’re especially good for when the burgers pile up on top of each other. You can also play around with the colors to create a more attractive graphic design!

Keep It Simple, but Strictly Professional

When it comes to your burger box design, don’t get too crazy with color and graphics. Even though you’re trying to attract customers, keep your design strictly professional. Make sure that it conveys all the important information you want people to know about your place!

Go with a Non-Obvious Location

You want to go with a non-obvious location if you want to draw attention to your custom burger containers. Many restaurants choose to do this because it’s an effective way of drawing attention towards the front of the restaurant, but making sure that the location is visible from other rooms is also a good idea. Many people prefer to go to a more traditional location. But clearly choosing a non-obvious location will also help your restaurant stand out.

Don’t Place the Burger Boxes too Close to the Counter

There’s one important principle that you should follow when placing your custom burger boxes, and that’s placing them mostly below the counter. This will help your customers find them more easily, and it’ll also help you keep a neat and tidy sight from the customers’ point of view. On the other hand, placing them too close to the counter might make. And that it is difficult for customers to see your boxes from a distance.

Use Plates or Cups to Give Your Customers Something to Hold

Customers often come into a place such as a coffee shop for food or drinks but are then given bare cups or plates that they have to hold onto. It might seem like a small thing, but providing customers with an easy-to-hold plate or cup can turn them from annoying visitors into regulars that keep coming back.

Keep the Burger Prices on the Boxes:

Customers like to see the prices of things before making a purchase decision. For this reason, including burger prices on your boxes is an essential part of your restaurant design and one that you should take very seriously. Hence using these boxes will enable a lot of options for you, which will help you in the future to attract more customers to buy your products.

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