Boost confidence with CBSE NCERT Solutions

If you are a CBSE student of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 wanting to improve your marks in the examinations, you can do so by referring to the solutions of the NCERT questions of all exercises from the textbook. While the chapter will be taught in school, but how to use and learn the NCERT solutions will be very challenging, especially with some of the tricky questions. The CBSE NCERT solutions help to solve the questions and arrive at the answers for all the exercises that are given in the NCERT. All the solutions of NCERT exercise for CBSE subjects and chapters are given in the CBSE NCERT Solutions, thus helping you to understand and score more marks in your examination.

NCERT Solutions for class 12

Class 12 board examination is considered to be very important in a student’s life as it is the stepping stone and foundation for higher studies. The difference between the class 12 board examination and other board examinations is, in class 12, one may prepare for the entrance examinations to pursue a degree, especially if you have taken up science or mathematics. Students have to prepare for both board and entrance examinations and thus this period becomes very stressful for students. Now that CBSE NCERT Solutions of class 12 are available for each exercise and chapter, learning becomes easy because the solutions are provided by experts of the respective fields.

NCERT Solutions for class11

Class 11 mathematics is unified but science is divided into physics, chemistry, and biology. There are 16 chapters in mathematics which is very easy to score only if you know how to solve the problems. The same goes for science. The CBSE NCERT Solutions comes in very handy. For class 11, there are 15 chapters in physics, 14 in chemistry, and 22 in biology respectively. Here, the concepts are explained in a detailed manner along with how to solve any problem and other alternative ways to do so are given. Scoring good marks in the examination would be easier for you if you refer to the CBSE.

NCERT Solutions for class 10

In class 10, there are 16 mathematics chapters to solve and 15 science chapters to study and understand. Having the expert solutions of NCERT class 10 textbook would be a blessing to every student preparing for the board examinations. In the solutions for NCERT class 10 CBSE science and mathematics, concept explanation, step marking, and alternate ways of solving the problems are given.

NCERT Solutions for class 9

Class 9 is an important class in the life of a student as this is where the actual learning for entrance examinations like JEE Main, NEET for engineering and medical courses starts. Class 9 can be considered as the foundation phase for topics of science and mathematics for the next four years to come. It is at such a time that experts provided solutions for NCERT class 9 for mathematics and science which are scoring subjects that comes to be really useful. One should utilize these to understand how to solve the questions and also get alternate solutions for NCERT class 9 mathematics and science.

NCERT Solutions for class 8

There are 16 mathematics chapters and 18 science chapters in class 8. The CBSE NCERT Solutions for class 8 which are provided by subject experts can help students in solving the exercises faster and in an easy way.

NCERT Solutions for class 7

With a total of 15 chapters in class 7 mathematics and 18 chapters in science, it is important that you ace in your examination. Use the CBSE NCERT solutions provided for these subjects by experts and learn to score high.

NCERT Solutions for class 6

If you are studying in class 6, then it is very easy for you to score well. Mathematics and science being very scoring subjects, class 6 NCERT Chapter-wise solutions will be very beneficial to help you solve all problems.

Benefits of knowing solutions of NCERT

  • You get to know how the answers are calculated or derived.
  • Practicing NCERT class-wise solutions will boost your confidence to attempt the actual exam with ease.
  • Scoring good marks will be easier thereby increasing your performance level.
  • You will be confident to solve the similar types of questions on the basis of the CBSE NCERT solutions.
  • The next level of your study becomes effortless when you understand and learn from solutions of NCERT which are the main textbooks for all CBSE schools.
  • The CBSE NCERT Solutions for class 11 and class 12 are useful for various examinations like JEE Main, NEET, VITEEE etc.
  • Also, basic aptitude questions in various examinations like SSC, UPSC, state level examinations and various examination for many private and public jobs comes from concepts based on NCERT.
  • Many questions which are explained in the NCERT solutions come in the board examinations.


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