Best Video Games from the Last Decade

In the last few years countless new video game titles have been released and while not to diminish the negative aspects of Covid, it has given gamers an opportunity to try them all out. If you are like me, who is stuck in his home due to lockdown and wants to try out some of the best video games of the recent years, here are a few suggestions.


Destiny represents a real breakthrough in the industry. The first chapter of the Bungie series came out with the premise of guaranteeing a continuously developing service that would guarantee fun for at least ten years.

While they failed over time, the Halo developers succeeded in their goal of creating a lasting and ever-evolving game.

This FPS / RPG represented the consecration of a new video game concept, called Game as a Service by the Anglo-Saxons. The model immediately attracted software houses and distributors, including Ubisoft and EA who wanted to experiment with this business model in turn. To date we find ourselves with dozens of titles conceived as services, which however struggle to qualitatively match Bungie’s science fiction work.

For players who are fans of PvP there are a variety of match ups available in different team settings. And for players who like to play solo there are challenges like luna’s howl quest with great rewards. Either way it is sufficient to say Destiny is now alive and well in its second incarnation and continues to entertain numerous hardened gamers.


Souls-Like were probably the games that most influenced the past decade.

While the Dark Souls trilogy is close to perfection, Bloodborne with its action-oriented soul has managed to conquer even casual players.

The role-playing element decreases compared to the fantasy series, in favour of fights more focused on the player’s skill. The Lovecraftian horror tones make the setting fascinating and gloomy, in a role that is not very represented in the videogame world.

Bloodborne is still alive today, with a thriving community that continues to play and test their skills with increasingly complicated challenges.

God of War

The Santa Monica opera opens the podium. God of War was certainly the most exciting and influential action this decade.

The gameplay has revolutionized the genre, while the directing is among the best ever seen in a video game. Balrog himself did not expect this, but he managed to create a milestone.

God of War distances himself from the previous chapters, drawing a rude and wise Kratos. The travel theme accompanies an evolving relationship between father and son as the two explore the darker elements of Norse mythology.

Borderlands 3

Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands is an epic saga of adventure and fun spread over three renditions of the game.

The events of the latest sequence take place seven years from where the previous story ended. As the protagonist you explore the planet of Pandora, which was once inhabited by an ancient alien race known as Eridians. Your task is to uncover and exploit the countless treasures left behind.

But things are not so simple as many hurdles lie in your path. They come in the form of Calypso twins who are at the head of a mysterious group and they are supported by an evil corporation known simply as Maliwans.

But not to fret for you have an arsenal of weapons and gear to help you with your quest. Each sequel of the game has introduced new weapons and armours. For those of you who are simply interested in checking out the weapons etc can always do it using Borderlands 3 Save Editor.

If you are not familiar with what BL3 Save Editor is, it allows you to edit your game and change your player characteristics and try out new gear.

The Last of Us

Without any doubt about it, The Last of Us wins the award for best game of the decade by posting. The Sony exclusive has been able to kidnap thanks to a plot with an unattainable level and a visionary gameplay.

The Last of Us is structured in such a way that the gameplay is totally functional to the development of the narrative, identifying us players in the features of a Joel who changes radically during the adventure.

A repentant father of having lost a too young daughter, Joel hides in himself, moving away from a world that seems to have nothing more to offer.

However, the mission of escorting little Ellie seems to stir up the tenderest parts of his soul, leading him to make irrational choices to defend what appears to be the reincarnation of his deceased daughter.

A real bomb that has not disappointed virtually any player. The Last of Us is indisputably the game of the decade.

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