Top 10 Best Thriller Movies of All the Time

Best thriller movies are always the most preferred ones by many of us. You would love to grab those popcorns to watch them excitedly on your couch on these winter nights, right? The feel of watching an amazing thriller movie is great. Where you can’t predict what’s next! Unlike other movies, watching them leaves a great impact on us which gives the best feeling of being alive.

Though you would find them nerve-wracking, these movies are enjoyable to peek. So, if you are someone looking for the best suspense thriller movies, you don’t have to go anywhere else!

Best 10 Suspense Thriller Movies to Watch in 2020

Yes, here we have listed Top Thriller Movies of all time to make it easy for you to watch them one by one.
The compilation of these best thriller movies includes some a few nerve crackers, sweat makers, nail bitters and spine tingles which you would love to watch. So, let’s go through this list of thriller movies which is not exactly in any order.

1. Rear Window

Rear Window is a killer suspense movie which was released in 1954, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is such that it keeps you at the toe on its every scene. Being a good interactive movie, you sink into every detail of the movie which is actually the best part of this Top thriller movie.

Jimmy Stewart has a particular interaction with his neighbors. While later on, something happens that he sees something which changed the whole plot of the movie, from where the turn of events unfolds to new thrilling dimensions.

Meeting Grace Kelly and getting the support of Raymond Burr are exciting events in the movie which adds to the beauty of this slow and one of the best suspense thriller movies. Hence, when you want to search for an old classic movie and greatest thrillers ever, this movie is a good option to watch.

Rear Window

2. Cape Fear

Remakes may not always sound best from their original version. Cape Fear is a good thriller movie which was released in 1991. Martin Scorcese had directed this classic thriller movie. But Cape Fear movie is one of the best suspense thriller movies which made its remarkable stamp in the Hollywood movies.

Marin Scorcese had a phenomenal appearance in the Cape Fear which gave the audience entirely a new watch experience apart from its original version, which launched in 1962. It is one of the all-time best psychological thriller movies that showed a problematic family environment wherein the element of psychopathy was enough to be portrayed by Marin Scorcese and Max Cady.

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The story was well screened with the spellbound camera work. The theme of this thriller movie is a simple revenge game that takes a twist in the last scene, making it as a suspense scene and surprising to the audience. The overall suspense aspects in the movie are well pictured and thus it is counted to be one of the best thriller movies in Hollywood.

Cape Fear

3. Changeling (2008)

Challenging the thriller movie released in 2008 is one of the best drama thriller movies that you can keep in your movie list. The director, Clint Eastwood is popular in making a series of drama thriller movies and this movie was one of his initial works. Challenging is a must watch with an intense plot that is well portrayed.

Challenging is one of the best thriller movies which tells about the story of a mission son at the year 1928 and finally he was returned to his mother by a police officer, The role of Angelina Jolie as the mother was worth watching, who has been Oscar-nominated in this movie. This is one of the good thriller movies wherein a series of thrilling events happens towards the end when the son returns, who in fact turn out to be not the son of Christine Collins.

Changeling (2008)

4. Burried (2010)

Burried released in 2010 is one of the Top thriller movies acted by Ryan Reynolds who was seen most of the scene in a coffin. Burried show the viewers the cruel side of the thriller under the directorial ship of Rodrigo Cortes.

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The plot tells about the story of a civilian truck driver who was buried underground during the times of Iraq war. All he had was a cell phone and the story takes off from there, with a series of suspense and thriller scenes. This is also a best crime thriller movies wherein he is buried and gets out of air.
A series of questions may cook up in the viewers mind such as Will the authorities will be able to find him? Will anyone finds him? These questions make the whole story a nail bitter and one of the best suspense thriller movies. It has that cynical touch to it in the script, making the viewers on the tip of their seats.

Reynolds did a commendable job in this best thriller movie. The terrifying scenes are indeed fun to watch for thriller lovers. Corporate cruelty is depicted in the movie in a classic manner, giving the tinch of the modern cinema.

Burried (2010)

5. Saw the Devil (2011)

If you are looking for some of the best mystery thriller movies, Saw the Devil is a good movie to get added in your movie checklist. In this thriller movie, Kim Soo-Hyun (Lee Byung-hun) is a National Intelligence service agent who is in search of the serial killer.

This movie is one among the best suspense thriller movies which unfolds into different events and consequences of Kim’s search for the serial killer, Jang Kyung-Chul who had killed his fiancée. The story does not end with a conventional climax.

In the story, Kim Soo-Hyun beats up the serial killer badly and lets him go at the end. The movie is worth the watch to know many such why. The gradual transformation of the hero in the story in to a villain adds a comic thriller touch to it. You can consider this as one of the best spy thriller movies with shows many series of events that keeps us in suspense and a good satisfying movie.

Saw the Devil (2011)

6. Compliance (2012)

Compliance is another best thriller movie released in 2012. The story is of a fast-food manager in the restaurant who came to know that one of her employees has committed a crime and the fact of that is slowly revealed in the movie.

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The film is taken from a true story in the real life in which a prank call to a restaurant lead to many suspecting events causing violations in the civil rights. The film has these series of situations that is portrayed well and easy to understand for the audience to know what exactly happened in each bit of the story.

Here, Dreama walker, the young woman who gains sympathy due to the abuses she gets from her employer. Ann Dowd in this movie as done a good job which puts the audience ina dilemma that she thinks everything she does is right even when it looks awful.

7. The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (2013)

The strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears is one of the best thriller movies acted by Klaus Tange as Dan whose wife is missing and he goes in search of her in the neighbourhood.

It is one of the best horror thriller movies that keeps in infinite nightmares. The story happens in a historic building wherein one of them were murdered. This thriller focus on the apartment of an elderly couple as their ceiling has a hole in it. Is this something connected to the missing person?

The story unfolds the answers to such questions in the audience mind. The reviews shows that this is best thriller horror movies which you have ever watched.

The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears (2013)

8. Grand Piano (2014)

In case you are searching for the best thriller movies on NetFlix, Grand Piano played by Elijah Wood who plays as a pianist. His stage fright creates a pause to his career after a destructive case. The movie starts with the comeback of him, who tries to control his fears through this new show.

The worry of the aiming sniper upon his head was something he didn’t expect when he misses even a single note. The movie is so intense that the suspense is kept on high on every scene. The movie is a playful thriller which has every bit of entertainment with suspense scenes and thus it is considered to be one of the best thriller movies.

Grand Piano (2014)

9. Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler is one of the Good thriller movies for every thriller lovers. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a great role in the movie. The story tells how a young man sells the tapes of his filmed car crashes and makes plenty of money. He later enters to the business of filming crime scenes. The movie is a classic and one of the best psychological thriller movies telling about the stories of news industry and its dark secrets. If you are searching for where to watch this movie, it is streaming as one of the best thriller movies on Netflix.

Nightcrawler (2014)

10. Simple Favor (2018)

Simple Favor is one of the best netflix thriller movies that you can to your movie list. The movie is having a funny thriller jonre. Huge casts like Anna Kendrick playsas Stephenie Smothers as the lead role of a mommy blogger in the movie with her friend, Emily Nelson.

The crux of the story starts whenEmilu ask Stephinie for a simple favor to baysit her son. When Eily didn’t return, the whole hardships of the consequences and managing the extra kid tells the remaining story. Emily’s husband is another mystery in the movie. Simple Favor is one of the best mystery thriller movies that is fun to watch with its suburban touch to the characters.

Simple Favor (2018)


So, here are the best choices of best action thriller movies, and then the above list satisfies your watch list. The good thriller movies will give you a more thrilling experience and to have a fun time. Most of these movies are streaming in online platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime etc. Hence, all you need to do is to grab a chair and enjoy these nail-biting suspense thrillers. получить займ на карту

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