Best software to help you master 3D Printing for Mobile Users

3D printing is not just a buzzword but all set to revolutionize the way we design and manufacture objects in the future. Counting the applications, the technology currently fuels, it would be easier to understand the progress it has already made. However, the development won’t stop here. 3D printing mobile software is one of the most pronounced examples of the same. It is clear that we are moving to smartphones. And, it’s all because of the consistent increase in demand 3D printing technology is enjoying for the last few years.

From professionals to young children, every group of users finds 3D printing exciting and wishes to learn how to realize imagination in reality. Therefore, the industry is also shifting towards making the technology more accessible and simpler to learn for everyone. Hence, giving way to intuitive mobile apps that not only help design objects for fun but for more specific and significant applications. 

Here is a list of some of the savviest and user-friendly 3D printing software. Just download the one you like and start designing and 3D printing right away.

MakerBot Mobile

Compatible with both Android and iOS, the MakerBot Mobile is an app for engineers, professionals, and industry experts. It would be unwise to consider this app any less than the advanced desktop software. 

Offering tools and 3D design features to suit a variety of skill levels, the software works with MakerBot Replicator 3D printers for the best results. Users can create and design 3D files from their smartphones while honing their 3D printing skills at best.

After completion of the 3D files, users can simply upload these to the MakerBot Cloud Library for printing. The app also allows access to the Thingiverse data. Hence, one can even download the existing files and make some edits to customize the design, as necessary.

Using the MakerBot Mobile, users can also monitor, pause as well as cancel the print process at any time. If you’re a beginner looking for a small 3D printer to experiment with, Pick 3D Printer has a list of the best small budget 3D Printers under $100, choose one, and start sharpening your design skills.


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Only available for iOS users, Morphi allows engineers to tinker with their models using the touchscreen feature. One can easily convert their designs into 3D printable formats and access a plethora of 3D shapes available in the app’s library. From basic shapes to platonic solids, users can utilize these pre-existing shapes to create designs with ease and less effort.

There are certain features unique to the app that allow users to simplify their modeling experience. For instance, users can add, rotate as well as subtract objects for creating 3D models. Once the users complete the 3D printable model, with all the aid available with Morphi, the file can then be exported to .STL format.

Next, it’s all about 3D printing. The app is for all kinds of users, from beginner to expert. And, it envisions making Morphi an intuitive app by stretching its application beyond just being an editing software. From building prototypes to helping students learn STEAM subjects, Morphi can accomplish a lot of things.


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As the name suggests, the app surely is for tinkering and playing around with different 3D models. Install Tinkerplay in your mobile and let the work begin, where you decide how your models will finally look.

Tinkerplay is compatible with Android and iOS. If you wish to create 3D designs for toys along with all sorts of entertainment objects for kids, you won’t find any app as enticing as this one. Either start from scratch or mix and match different files from the library to create your own unique 3D design. 

From fun characters to serious models, the app encompasses the huge potential to serve plenty of different user needs. Tinkerplay also offers design simulation, closest to how the designs will look after coming to life. Hence, you can test the designs before opting to 3D Print those.


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One of the most fascinating 3D design apps for mobile phones, specially designed for those loving Minecraft along with 3D printing? It’s easy to operate and can create amazing designs in the simplest manner. Loved by kids, Blokify can let everyone enjoy 3D designing, without working too hard to learn the software. 

From free-form cubist objects to arranging the shapes to make specific models such as castles or ships, one can enjoy the overall idea on which the app is created. Just keep building block by block and follow the blueprints to complete the designs. We don’t think it could get any easier than this. 

The app is only compatible with iOS devices. 


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One app that comes with two different possibilities: 3D scanning and 3D printing. Quite fascinating, isn’t it? Using your mobile phone, you can scan tiny objects and design them into 3D files to print them later. Sounds like a lot of jobs? Do not get overwhelmed. The app is simple and comes with a very friendly interface considering every minute detail in mind for simplifying the complete process.

If you wish to convert real-life inspiration into something meaningful, do not forget to check this software. With an abundance of features, Qlone is among the top mobile apps around. Just scan, edit, and 3D print the models with the integration of the app with i.materialise. Wondering how exciting it must be to play around with objects around you? Why not just download and make that happen?

Available for iOS devices, the app is free to use. However, certain features are restricted and can only be accessed by the paid users. 

The Conclusion

It is pretty clear that the future of 3D printing mobile software is bright and progressing towards worldwide acceptance. From desktop to mobile, the technology is making it simpler and handier to convert designs into reality. And, these apps have already proved to be the milestone for many new releases to come forward. 

So, if you wish to hone your 3D printing skills, and master the art of perfect 3D models, start with mobile software. Pick the design and edit it, or complete the file from scratch. Do what you like and enjoy 3D printing with such simple mobile software ready to assist.


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