8+ Best SNES Emulators 2020 (updated)

Why don’t you take it with you anywhere, you are hungry for old Retro gaming?

There are plenty of best SNES emulators to play your favorite classic games on your mobile device for Android (android emulator apps).

The major function of Android is that they can download emulators to enrich the potential of your device and be best super nintendo emulator. ROM games can be played on Android with emulators as if we had any other device in our hands-basically like to make your phone a Nintendo or a similar console.

best snes emulator for android

Emulators are extremely popular online for playing older games and there is a constant argument about Which emulator is the best one?”

Know about best SNES emulators.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a 16-bit video game console also recognized as Super NES, SNES, or Super Nintendo. Nintendo established it in Japan in 1990 as the SFC or Super Famicom.

Further, they released updated SNES emulator in North America, Europe, and other territories. The Super Nintendo is known for its best-selling 16-bit game console of its era, despite competition from the Sega Genesis.

best snes emulator for nintendo switch

It does not consume too much raw power to play Nintendo or SNES games on a modern PC. In back the 1990s, emulators could perform with an only 25MHz of processing power.

Early they had to go through many challenges for emulating old consoles accurately.

Efficiency of emulators may need up to 3GHz of power to faithfully recreate aging tech. In this article, there are many important points to notice for emulation.

 What make SNES emulator Efficient?

Why do we care about improving efficiency of SNES emulator when such improvement comes at a high cost at speed that can be achieved by basic compatibility?

Efficiency is the measure of how effectively emulation software simulates the original hardware.

So here are the reasons:

  • Performance or Service.
  • Preservation

Efficiency comes at a serious cost. Making SNES emulator efficient will make it roughly twice as slow; double that efficient again and results four times slower.

Most emulators target a “sweet spot” with an optimal performance of around 95% compatibility. The rewards of this efficient system are also rapidly diminished, as most of the games seem to be “playable” at modest emulator precision levels. Achieving less efficient than quick emulators, there is nothing wrong, and this code can work on lower powered hardware such as mobile phones and handheld gaming devices.

Are you thinking of which emulators suitable for laptop applications in battery life?

Efficiency takes strength: 3GHz to build a great SNES emulator. Have the benefit of your best SNES emulator for PC.

You’re in the right place if you want to achieve the best graphics performance. Emulator for SNES is sufficiently strong to run your classic retro title in a much more modern way.

The design of the user interface is excellent in all respects, regardless of whether we’re talking about interactive menus or game plays everything looks pretty smooth. Not only the graphics are incredible to a SNES emulator, but the music performs loud and clear, regardless of the theme.

super nintendo emulator

One of the main characteristics is that this emulator SNES also supports cheats. Then get into the game, become invincible, or otherwise cannot explore the unexplored area.

The best SNES emulator for pc supports the Bluetooth Controller. This is what we mean by playing “modernly updated” your favorite retro titles without going back in time. The user will be given full control and the gamepad controls and game settings can be customized to get the most from the setting.

A best SNES emulator for pc has other features, such as quick forward saving and loading. We experienced a bit of stuttering and slowing down in the time of testing, but we cannot easily ignore something on this price tag.

Playing SNES Games on Android Devices

Android is a free Google operating system with millions of users worldwide. The mobile operating system is available in tablets and smartphones.

Over 200,000 Android applications are available to users, many of them are free. Android users realized the potential of Android gaming when high-end Android smartphones and tablets were launched. A lot of Android games are available in the Google Play Store. But games with appropriate emulators can also be played in android now.

In many countries, home game consoles from Super Nintendo were used as a household item. You probably heard about SNES games in those days and how they made games fun. Now the console is antiquity but still admired the games. Android SNES emulators are now available to play SNES games on Android devices.

How does SNES emulator app work on android?

It is very easy nowadays. It can be started by uploading a specific emulator into Google Play. Once it is done, look for and download the ROM directory of your choice, and all ROMs automatically download to your Android SD card or internal memory.

Sometimes ROMs come in a.zip format (few programmers support the zip file as well) in which case a good file manager app is probably needed in order to support these files.

You can launch your application and find the folder ROMs in it probably /download/sdcard/download/ or ext sd/download/.

The”Load ROM in this folder is displayed and it is only necessary to double -tap and to start the game now.


Emulators are an important part of the past of Android. Playing their favorite retro titles on mobile is allowed by emulating players. It does not cost much for hours of entertainment.

There are many good SNES emulators accessible to play again those classics like Chrono, Trigger, Super Mario World, and Legend of Zelda:

  1. Emulator for SNES

It’s an application for a free SNES emulator. It basically offers all features, including quick forward mode, support for Bluetooth controls, quick saving, and loading, cheat support for code and more.

During testing, it work quite well, although stutter sometime. There were similar slow-downs among Google Play reviewers.

best emulator for snes

However, it works well for most games and is totally free without buying in-app. There’ve been ads and we would like there to be a pro-version to remove ads if we had any real complaints.

  1. John SNES

It comes from a long line of good name emulators. The compatibility of the original SNES engine is high.

The gamepads support on-screen, wireless, wired, and Bluetooth, support of cheat code, slow and quick forward moves, support of the turbo button, and more, are not just as functionality-filled as any other SNES emulator.

john snes emulator games


John SNES emulator can be tried free of charge.

But unless you buy it, you won’t get all the features. This is an amazing emulator and certainly the best emulator in this region.

  1. Retroarch

Retroarch is a single emulator all-in-one. It has a wide array of systems supported. One of them is the SNES.

The app also has a curve for learning. Get prepared for your wiki to find answers for troubleshooting.

retroarch emulator

Retroarch includes on-screen monitoring, a high compatibility rate and tons of systems support. It is also open source, freely available and has no ads.

  1. Snes9x EX+

For a long time, it’s been around. Since its release, it is almost among the best emulators of SNES.

Snes9x EX+ is a open source and has the basic characteristics that most SNES emulators can provide. That includes save/load states, on-screen monitoring smc, sfc and zip file support, and gamepad support.

snes9x best snes emulator

Snes9x EX+ looks a little old school, but on almost every device it works well. There is also no in-app shopping totally free. That is how great these other emulators are. It makes this a gem.

  1. SuperRetro16

SuperRetro16 is named by a fair number. But it was always one of the most popular emulators of SNES.

This provides support for cloud storage, support for multiple kinds of controllers and the usual fare such as save/load conditions, quick forward and more. There are also a number of visual upgrades, which try to make the games look a bit smoother.

No other emulator with the same number of functions as this is on this list. If you’re looking for that, that can be great. However, if you want a less bloated experience, you might want to try another. This is also quite cheap!

Best SNES emulator for pc

Higan (Formerly BSNES)

Higan is the C  and the TAS(Tool Assisted Speedruns) special SNES emulator for windows 10.

A speed run tries to finish a game as quickly as possible.

This emulator is also multiple systems, which can emulate a wide range of different consoles and make it a strong choice for people who are interested in playing more than SNES, but may not be the best choice when you are looking for a dedicated or not specifically enhanced emulator for TAS.

higan best emulator

Super Nintendo / Super Famicom games with extension chips to ensure perfect cycle -accurate emulation and flawless support of each game ever released for the console and reverse-engineering those chips.

Games can be played as in the original console, and to a degree, no other emulator can handle low-tier hacks that require exact time (such as shadows in Air Strike Patrol).

There is no option available for a controller to select, run or leave a game.

Higan emulator requires significant use of system resources to achieve such a high level of accuracy.


ZSNES is an emulator with all of the SNES9X’s features.

However, from time to time, it can be an emulator with certain problems. ZSNES usually has some failures or errors, so you lose all your progress and close game.

ZSNES is a trusted emulator, and with classic titles, it works really well. ZSNES gives you the possibility of sending and loading games in real time, by using a retro setting and an interface which is not a classic, using the Turbo button and connecting your light weapon even if it’s still saved

ZSNES could not run all carts perfectly

However, it is the best SNES emulator for pc. Game audio can be saved into a .spcace file for flat out velocity,  minimum CPU operation, ease of use and simplicity when searching for cheats.

best ZSNES nterface Windows

ZSNES sacrifices speed-speed (relative to Higan emulator, for example) emulation accuracy. A particular weakness of sound emulation is ZSNES supports cheat codes for Game Genie, Pro-Action Replay and Goldfinger.

Other people can play games on the TCP / IP network.

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SNES9X is the first SNES emulator in this list. You can play both SNES games on the PC and Super Famicom games with this emulator.

This program works perfectly in terms of emulation and allows you to run most of the Super Nintendo catalog. In addition to adding filters and inserting cheats to stock or live, depending on the game, it allows you to save and load games in real time.

SNES 9X is undoubtedly the best SNES emulator for PC that is available because it has Windows, MacOS and Linux portability.

SNES9X is without a doubt the best SNES emulator to be found since it has Windows, MacOS and Linux portability. It also has a Windows-based interface that turns SNES9X into a simple and user – friendly choice for casual gamers and emulators.

We need to note that you can choose between playing on the keyboard or using controller as the last positive point. The Emulator has a classic TURBO button, which allows you to skip the scenes that you do not wish to see, or those lenghthy dialogues, which you are not interested in reading. You can also configure them according to original SNES commands.

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SNES Emulator for IOS

The company continually removes emulators added to the app store and will soon even be deleted those that are carefully hidden in other unspeakable applications. There’s great news for iOS users but since RetroArch can be used on iOS 11 and above, the installation process is very complicated since iOS doesn’t allow consumers to load apps on Android as easily as possible.


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