20 best rainmeter skins for Windows

One of the biggest benefit of using Windows OS is the customisability of it. Though unlike other OS, here you are not only limited to changing wallpapers or themes using third-party softwares. You can also tweak your Windows desktop with some programs that will change your PC. Rainmeter is one of the best to use when it comes to change the looks of your PC.

Rainmeter is basically a customizable free software that will change the look of yout desktop completely. The software can give you many extra features like Clock, Network stats, CPU usage, Emails etc on the desktop screen. These features can be customozed in many ways- thanks to the various skins available to engance the computer desktop screen looks. If you want to use these skins, just install Rainmeter in your Windows PC. It is available for Windows version from XP to Windows 10.

But, which are the best Rainmeter skins to choose?

So, here is the full list of best rainmeter skins we have created for you to change your desktop look and feel completely.

1. IronMan-Jarvis


If you have been a fan of Iron Man and dreamt of using the Jarvis like computer as Tony Stark used to operate. So, this one of the best rainmeter skins, IronMan- Jarvis is the best skins to go for. Best thing about this customizable skin is that it is having multiple modules which can be re-positioned.

IronMan-Jarvis gives you features like Clock/Date, Hard Disk capacity, Temperature details, CPU, RSS feed and more to play with. In the arc-reactor, you will get the shortcuts to various folders to easy the work.

So,if you are looking for some Iron Man gizmotics, you must switch to IronMan-Jarvis and play with it.

Download: IronMan-Jarvis from here

2. Wisp


Wisp is altogether a unique and one of the best rainmeter skins you can get for your desktop. This rainmeter skin can make your desktop screen look damn amazing when Wisp is paired with correct wallpaper. This beautiful skin features disk partitions, space usage, Temperature, System Date, time and CPU/RAM usage and Network consumption.

In a nutshell, Wisp is a lightweight skin featuring a bar at bottom for application launcher. Furthermore, this one of the best rainmeter skins, Wisp has no limits when it comes to functionalities. So, if you are looking for a neat and clean rainmeter skin- Wisp is the one you can choose.

Download: Wisp from here

3. Newspaper Desktop

newspaper desktop

If you are looking to give your desktop an organized newspaper like look- Newspaper Desktop rainmeter skin is the one you must be looking for. Just pair it with a light wallpaper, you will get the results of a newspaper laid somewhere in the house.

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Newspaper Desktop rainmeter skin provides you a neat and clean look and bring the posts in such a way like you are reading some newspaper. The rainmeter skin provides features like Time & Date, CPU/RAM usage, Network Statistics, Weather forecast and Disk Space counter. Moreover, everything can be arranged in a proper way to give your desktop a intellectual and beautiful look.

Download: Newspaper Desktop from here

4. Avengers SHIELD OS

avengers shield

So, this one is for the Marvel fans- Avengers SHIELD OS rainmeter skin!

This rainmeter skin will make you feel like Nick Fury in a way when you will be playing with the features this skin packs. The theme is available in many resolutions depending on your desktop screen. Moreover, this is surely one of the best rainmeter skins which will provide you features like Browser and Media Player, Volume Control, Playback control, CPU/RAM usage, shutdown and restart buttons. In moddle of it, the S.H.I.E.L.D Eagle tag which gives it a fantastic look.

Download: Avengers SHIELD OS from here



Not a Coldplay song, but a perfect customizable rainmeter skin which is brilliantly designed. If you are looking for a neat and clean rainmeter skins, then ALIENS when pired with Aliens wallpaper displays a perfectly surreal look. The way it is designed gives a sleak touch to the PC making it cute a bit.

The modules in this skin are configurable and include Disk Partition shortcuts, Power status, Network upload and statistics, download speed and system date and time.

Moreover, there is a feature of live feed giving news and updates when connected to the internet.

Surely, one the best rainmeter skins to get your hands on!

Download: ALIENS from here

6. Before Dawn

before dawn

Before Dawn is undoubtedly one of the best rainmeter skins to set up with zero tweaking required. The stunning looks of this rainmeter skin displayed on the entire width of the desktop screen makes your computer amazing performer. The way this rainmeter skin displays information is quiet smooth.

Before Dawn includes features like Time & Date, Shortcuts to frequently access programs and websites, Subscribed RSS feeds, and Current location temperature.

Download: Before Dawn from here



PILEUS is one of those best rainmeter skins that might not be eye-catchy at first but when the users put their hands on it, they surely fall in love with it.
The rainmeter skin comes with both light and dark theme to add some more cool effects and visuals to it.
Designed incredibly, this PILEUS theme has a unique drawn and acrubbed effect attached with sub-elements. The skin is pretty large just because of loads of information it can display on your desktop screen.
The rainmeter skin includes Power status and RSS feeds, to Time/Date and System folders/Disk partition shortcuts.

Download: PILEUS from here

9. Enigma


Enigma is probably one of the best rainmeter skins you want to get it right now. Moreover, it is one of the most downloaded best rainmeter skins of all time. Further more, ENIGMA was chosen as Rainmeter default skin in 2009.

ENIGMA skin sub-modules are highly configurable and the amount of information this displays can make your PC great.

The ENIGMA theme comes with features like disk partitions space usage, Temperature, System date and time, CPU/RAM usage, and Network bandwidth consumption.

Download: ENIGMA from here

10. Simple Media

simple media

Just like its name, Simple Media is simpler in its look and sleak in its functionalities. Though it gives a simple and basic look, it provides us a lot of information.
Simple Media looks really amazing in it looks and design and it works perfectly fine on every desktops possible.

If your are looking for some simpler uI design with loads of information, this is surely one of the best rainmeter skins. As the Simple Media includes current Date and Time, Recycle Bin status, as well as the current Temperature, and there are multiple variants available for all three.

Download: Simple Media from here



This rainmeter skin will not be as simpler as Simple Media skin but it gives a loads of information stored in its sub-elements. LIMIIT is really complicated skin which is worth checking as it conveys its info more in texted form then visual forms. The skin contains big, clean fonts to display the information.

LIM!t displays information which includes Date/Time, CPU and RAM usage, Current media playback status, and Weather statistics. In nutshell, if you want something that is in texted format not much space consuming, then LIM!T is the theme you can check out.

Download: LIMIIT from here

12. Neon Space

neon space

As you put your hands on Neon Space rainmeter skin, it is near to impossible to delete the software from the PC and keep your eyes off it. The way it is designed and the way it performs is really eye catchy.

The UI visuals look great as it all animate and glow in neon blue color. When it comes to the best rainmeter skins, Neon Space is one step above with its alien spaceship futuristic look given to the desktop.

The Neon Space includes beatifula dn smooth features like Current weather with 3 day forecast, CPU and RAM usage, Calendar, Time and Date and more. Not only this, the holographic features act like icing on the cake on the skin’s goodness.

Download: Neon Space from here

13. Razor


The Razor rainmeter skins comes with translucent glass effects which is eye-catchy and amazing to feel and look. This rainmeter skin is simple and easy to operate but there’s a catch. If you are not having the correct desktop wallpaper to pair with this one of the best rainmeter skins, then you might not like it. So, be little cautious to choose a wallpaper which will match the skin and make it beautiful and smooth.

Razor comes with sub-modules which display features like a combo Weather and Time & Date header, System libraries shortcuts, a Customizable dock, Power status, and Network strength.

Download: Razor from here

14. iSteve

isteve can be counted as one of the best Rainmeter skins with minimum size out of these other Rainmeter skins available on the internet. The iSteve rainmeter theme gives a great look to the desktop which will make the screen look damn beautiful.

If you are looking for simple UI, this one is perfect for you to look into elegant objects. So, if you are not the fancy kind, just check this theme out.

Download: iSteve from here

15. Mass Effect

mass effect

If you are the fan of popular game franchise, BioWare, then you must switch to Mass Effect rainmeter skin immediately. The skin will give you the feel of Commander Shephard who is against the Reapers.

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The Mass Effect skin includes many re-arrangable modules like Time and date bar, Media playback and Control panel, Hard disk information pane, and Network statistics graph.

So, if you want a deadly user experience with the gaming commander feel, this is surely one of the best rainmeter skins to get your hands dirty on.

Download: Mass Effect from here

16. Speed


It is another transparent glass effected rainmeter skin. When matched with minimal wallpapers, Speed looks amazing. It can be used in various different desktop resolutions. The modules of this Speed rainmeter skin includes Time/Date, RSS feeds, Network status, Unread email count, CPU/RAM usage (via neat looking gauges), and of course, Temperature with three day forecast.

Download: Speed from here

17. ABP


ABP is pretty nice skin with great sub-modules integrated in it with subtle drop shadows. The rectangular appearance of skin when put together are just mesmerizing to look.

The rainmeter skin includes sub-modules like System clock, Slideshow of your favorite pictures, CPU/RAM usage, current media playback information and more

Download: ABP from here

18. Eker Lina

eker lina

Eker Lina is undoubtedly one of the best designed rainmeter skins which packs various sub-modules. The sleak and smooth design of the Eker Lina rainmeter skin makes it really easier for the users to operate. The skin sub-modules are re-arrangeable. So, you can create different layout by rearranging them.

Eker Lina features lots of data, like System folder and drive shortcuts, Media controls, RSS feeds, Time & Date, and Current weather.

Download: Eker Lina from here

19. Elegance 2


Elegance 2 like its name displays the information in beautiful and elegant way. The rainmeter skin is lightweight and when paired with a correct wallpaper gives a great taste and look.

The Elegance 2 features time & date, CPU & RAM usage stats, Media playback and control, along with details about Recycle Bin items.

Download: Elegance 2 from here

20. Darkness Fall

The Darkness Fall skin is surely one of the best rainmeter skins you might integrate on your Windows PC. When it comes to serenity, this rainmeter skin provides you a great landscape in the background. It is really joy to watch the screen when the wallpaper is combined with the sub-modules. The different themes are incorporated in this skin very smartly, and the usage of its various functions is also very cool.

Download: Darkness Fall from here

So, here we come to the end of the best rainmeter skins you can get your hands on to change the look of your desktop screen. In case we have missed any rainmeter skin, tell us in comments below.
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