Quite the Steal: The Best Builds PoE Heist Has to Offer

Path of Exile: Heist has brought a lot of new and great content to the ever-expanding world of Wraeclast, Oriath, and dimensions beyond. So, want to join in on the loot-tastic expansion? It’s not too late. If you’re looking for a good PoE build to start with and spend PoE Currency on, here are a few examples.

Archmage Ball Lightning

In MMOs, gear, PoE items, and skills are forever in a cycle of nerfs and buffs to keep the game fresh. Unfortunately, this process means some PoE builds turn unviable. This, however, is not the case for the Archmage Ball Lightning build.

The core skill, Ball Lightning, is so powerful that even despite the nerf, it’s still one of the skills that deal the most damage, reaching up to the millions. How? Through the Archmage support gem and a Foreboding Mana Flask. With the former, the mana cost of the supported skill becomes the total unreserved mana cost of the caster. This is in exchange for additional lightning damage. The latter, meanwhile, makes sure that you have mana right after you cast Ball Lightning. Either you can use it to spam Ball Lightning, or use other defensive and utility skills.

For this particular Path of Exile build, you have three class options: Hierophant, with its Arcane Surge and mini-Mind over Matter Mechanic (and don’t get Sanctuary of Thought), or Ascendant, which will get Pathfinder passives to maintain flask charges, and Inquisitor for extra damage.

Cast on Crit Cyclone Assassin

A simpler but more convenient and more accessible PoE build would be the Cast on Crit Cyclone Assassin. With the class’s passives that boost critical strike chance, It’s a good choice to put a Cast on Critical Strike support gem, which will definitely proc very often, and Cyclone, which will give you much clear speed.

Also, it should go without saying that it’s a must for your Rare gear to have mods that increase critical strike chance. You can either buy them yourself or use your POE Orbs on your Rare gear.

Preferably, the build should use a PoE Uniques weapon Cospri’s Malice , as it increases your critical strike chance even further, and it also triggers cold spell gems socketed on it when your melee attack deals critical damage. This means you’ll be casting two spells in total. The best choice for this would be Ice Nova, as it’s a cold AOE spell that deals considerable damage and serves as utility as well, as it slows down enemies.

Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Balancing survivability and damage-dealing would be the Toxic Rain Pathfinder. As the name suggests, the core skill deals painful damage over time in an area, which is further boosted by the Pathfinder’s Poison Proliferation.

Utility-wise, the build relies on the Pathfinder’s passives that improve flask efficiency, potency, and recovery. This allows the build to utilize flasks like no other.

Steel Skill Champion

Steel skills are a rather new addition to Path of Exile, and yet they’ve already been made as a core skill by certain PoE builds. Among them is the Steel Skill Champion.

Thematically, there’s no other class that suits these skills better than the Champion, thanks to one of his passive skills that boost Impale effect, as well as Master of Metal, which adds two hits to the last Impale you inflict. You also get a 20% chance to Impale enemies on hit with attacks, and you and your allies even get 1000 armor after recently impaling an enemy, as well as 6-12 added damage for every Impale on an enemy.

So, which of the three Steel skills should you go for? The answer depends on the situation, as well as what you want for your Champion. Splitting Steel is AOE and therefore is used best for clearing maps, while Lancing Steel is great for single-target damage. Shattering is a bit of an in-between, but is a good choice nevertheless.

Carrion Golem Elementalist

Last but definitely not least would be a summoner build. Or rather, one of the most definitive summoner builds: the Carrion Golem Elementalist. In fact, come Heist, gear that are perfect for this particular Path of Exile build have seen the rise in prices if you check out PoE trade, and for good reason.

With golems, not only do you get a meat shield that takes most of the damage for you, but you also get brutes that do the damage on your behalf. Of course, this PoE Heist build is also an Elementalist, one of the best damage-dealers in the game, so you might as well pitch in and help your minions help you.

It’s strong, tough, not to mention affordable, so it’s no surprise that this PoE build is considered as one of the best in Heist.


So there you have it, five solid PoE builds for you to choose from in your Path of Exile Heist Playthrough. So, which one(s) are you going to try out? Tell us about it. Or maybe you have something better in mind? Well, tell us about it either way.

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