Best 10 Open World Games to Play in 2020

What are the best open world games on the PS4? Here is the answer, there are ton of top free open world games on the PlayStation 4. ‘Open world’ is an extremely wide term –it presents like never before – however, we like to come it down to its base signifying: ‘open-world’ applies to any game where you’re allowed to go off and do your very own things.

Top 10 Open World Games to Play in 2020

1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

While playing you will instantly blow away. It has the best RPG with superb scale, and that’s exactly what this free open world game is, no holds barred RPG. Everything from the story, graphics, mechanics, combat, NPC interaction is top notch. It’s engrossing, pretty to look at, tricky to learn at first and even harder to master but when you do a lot of early game frustrations melt away.

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Review: We will say the open world games are far from perfect. A plethora of bugs rear their head at times, sometimes dampening an otherwise lovely time, NPC/object and texture pop-in is prevalent and sometimes very noticeable. Also, the frame rate can tank in the more busy parts of the best free ps4 games (especially on Xbox).

Verdict: Well bloody done guys!! Pick this up if you want a real RPG, settle in a comfy chair with a whiskey and enjoy the ride.

This is a challenging best open world game to be taken slowly and with patience and when given something with this much depth, character, and originality, you can ignore some of these issues. Warhorse Studios have created a game that deserves its place on the RPG shelf and for its first best ps4 exclusives they’ve done brilliantly and deserve all and any accolades they get. You will look forward to anything else they put out there.

You will love how interactive it is and how it makes you feel like you are back in time in our own history and not a fantasy universe.

2. Need for Speed Heat

There aren’t that many open world games on PS4, however, Need for Speed Heat Warmth takes care of business quite well. Palm City is an enormous guide that incorporates both developed regions and a trap of long, winding mountain streets. Best ps4 games of all time at its generally environmental during the night when downpour slicked roads mirror all way of Underground-Esque neon. As you progress, you’ll gradually reveal safe houses and service stations, just as boards to crush, spray painting to discover, and a tremendous rundown of races and occasions to play.

By now you should be aware NFS is not about story it’s about racing. The newest addition is the Day and Night cycle, which allows you to choose whether you race during the day or the night.
This will be your opinion which will be much better than a natural cycle and once you play you will see why.

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Need for Speed™ Heat_20191108013436

Review: Customisation is wide and vast, Performance parts are back and better than ever, with twin turbos, big or duel Nos bottles, etc. We finally have engine swaps and the ability to alter your exhaust sound/note. The graphics are great; cars sound the best they have in years. The map gives you most wanted vibes while at night driving through the city gives you Underground flashbacks.

Verdict: We suggest these top pc open world games are a mix of the best series entries all put together as a spiritual successor. The police are back and as brutal as ever, get busted and you’ll have some hefty consequences. The handling is easy for beginners with plenty of tuning options for the pros.
If you’re an old school fan. We recommend turning the music down to 0 and putting on the underground 2 playlist on Spotify.

We highly recommend any need for speed fan (any racer fan in general) to buy open world ps4 games early on as we need to support the Devs efforts, if this game doesn’t do well EA will see it as a loss.
There are no micro-transactions and it’s the most honest true to the franchise NFS in many, many years. Modifications and cars are crazy expensive. Our best recommendation is to stick with one overall car to complete the open world survival games. Customization is some of the best you have seen in any best racing games ps4. We wish they would bring back Auto sculpts in addition to the many body kit options available. Overall a great ps4 open world games. Looking forward to any updates EA may come out with.

3. Burnout Paradise Remastered

This Burnout Paradise Remastered open world games ps4 still has staggeringly fun flashing through city avenues and mountain streets at profane paces, and Heaven City is an ideal vehicular play area. With concealed regions, slopes every step of the way, and several occasions to handle, it’s likewise loaded down with activities. Burnout Paradise Remastered is the best multiplayer ps4 games, and there’s close to perpetual enjoyment to be had in this liberally estimated open world. Regardless of whether you’ve played it previously or are new to the arrangement, Burnout Heaven Remastered is constantly engaging.

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Review: It looks like you have played another generation best open world game of Burnout series for 10 years in childhood. This is so cool. You will like below the following things:

  • Dramatically beautiful car crash scenes. Yikes!
  • Some kind of fun, enjoying the city and whatever you love your favorite different car or bike.
  • Soundtracks are very great, especially punk pop and “Girlfriend”!
  • Wonderful graphics by a British’s game engine creation at the day and night.
  • Collections are anything that you can grab like billboards and jumps.
  • Later in this future, the remastered version is actually awesome!
  • Best racing games for ps4, which will give you multiple opportunities to be good.
  • The soundtrack! You will love the mixture of rock and pop, especially “Girlfriend”, “My Curse”, “and Paradise City”. This gives the best ps4 games in 2019 a different view on making a game seem closer to realism.
  • The views, when you were not racing, or crashing, you could get the opportunity to go and explore the best free ps4 games and look at the vast open land and take in all its glory.
  • The customization, how many hours you will love to spend making your car or motorcycle look like a beaut, you will love having the chance to make different variants of cars have cool customization’s and being able to ride it and show off in races.

Verdict: Crashing, the slow-mo crashing made it even better, which made you want to crash sometimes just to watch the destruction happen right in front of you, though we would recommend doing that. This best open world game is such a beauty and will always remain as in your only favorite racing best new ps4 games out there. This best ps4 games for kids really made you is a childhood.

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Really well designed, long, multi-ended single-player RPG or we can say best single player ps4 games. DA Inquisition has a really well-told story, with meaningful decisions and the ability to really immerse yourself in a world and spend hours exploring – or march straight through.

Review: Classes are a bit unbalanced, but are mostly fun. The AI is decent, considering the game’s age. It can be quite difficult at times – and you can change difficulty on the fly. While not a truly open ended world, the many locales you can visit and quest in are enormous and quite beautiful: you can tell the art and design teams put their heart and souls into this best open world games ps4.

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Verdict: So to the story designers, writers and voice-actors who produced such a well-told, unique – yet familiar – the story that makes you really invest in the characters and their plight? For the time open world survival games pc was made, the voice acting was state-of-the-art and largely holds up by today’s standards.

5. InFAMOUS: Second Son

In this game, the hero’s brother will chime in for a little story push but a lot of the game is extremely repetitive. Hunting drones, busting drug dealers and shooting cameras will be the bulk of your gameplay.

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Review: The graphics are a plus. You will enjoy the visual style of the sandbox games and animation was pretty good. The controls were easy to get used to and really worked. The story and UI and menus all fell very flat. At first, the story moved at a fast but acceptable pace. You will find as soon as you end up in the city, you are treated as though you have been playing infamous games your whole life. Even if you have, it should feel fresh and it definitely feels like you should already understand all the map icons and general objectives.

Verdict: We suggest exactly you’re supposed to jump around and mindlessly tackle map objectives in the hope that more stories will unlock. The upgrade menu is cluttered and a bit confusing at first at least. We recommend the protagonist and most of the story characters. It just feels rushed at times whereas other times the game is well written.

6. NieR: Automata

You will get very find of this game, you still think they’re an incredible corporation, but you haven’t really gotten much from them in the last 1 or 2 Years. You will love Platinum Games and once you will see that Square and Platinum worked together on this, you should try it, and you will completely blow away.

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Review: Automata is an incredible experience and offers one thing most games these days just can’t do, it knows how to create an Atmosphere. The Story and the Characters are all so interesting, and the music fits is so well, it’s incredible and beautiful, you can’t help but just start a mission, and do nothing, and listen to it.

Verdict: This game is wasn’t what you are expecting, but you will love it anyways. Any Fan of Platinum Games, and into Action/RPG, with a huge emphasis on story, will absolutely love this game. We recommend this incredible to you guys.

7. Mad max

Missions and locations get repetitive after a while. I had some big time frustrations with the night time missions. The burning mound and the crew caller. Nighttime is rare enough, to begin with, without having the ability to adjust time or even check it! But not only that, a sandstorm blew in and we had to drive the biggest POS truck in the game virtually blind, through a storm, at night. AND when we went to do the mound on fire or whatever, the storm seemed to last all fragging night!!! That was, by far, the most frustrating moment you will have in this game.

top open world games pc

Review: Overall really good. This game gives the best experience after play Witcher. The graphic is so nice that would not stop you by playing these awesome open world ps4 games. The story was very awesome and we wish you will bring another part of this game. The desert environment and the map are also good.

Verdict: This is the best open world games if you’re just looking for a bit of a grind type game. Combat can be tedious but you will enjoy beating up all of Scrotus men in a very violent way. You will like the story of this the world’s easiest game and believe that this game is much underrated for the most part. This is a must get since the game could be bought for literally $5 now and it has so much content in such a big open world. We give the game a 9/10 and would recommend to anyone that is casual or hard-core gamer looking for something new to play.

8. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 makes no apologies for its outrageous nature. It’s a power fantasy in every sense of the phrase, there are technical problems, like lags and excessively long loading screens and scripted moments detract from the freedom found elsewhere, but in the end, Just Cause 3 provides a spectacular, explosive sandbox experience. Just Cause 3 is basically Grand Theft Auto V sponsored by Michael Bay. The game itself isn’t that violent and the Mature 17 rating isn’t very fair, as the game is appropriate for 13 years old, there is little cursing, no sexual allusion or whatsoever.

Review: Just Cause 3 gives you an effective means of transportation, as well as a smooth, nuanced traversal system. There is a steep learning curve, but with practice. Medici is a very big map, at about 1024 km square (400 miles square) which is one of the biggest open world maps ever made. In all of this, you will find cities, towns, ruins, churches, cliffs, forests, lakes, farmland, mountains and ocean. The map is a lot varied but can fill the kind of empty in the northern section. But you will have so much stuff to see and collect in this huge world.

Verdict: This is a really great game. The story is a bit bland, but the immense fun you can have while fooling around makes up for it. The physics engine is a bit buggy, but that honestly adds to the hilarity of the game. The grappling hook, parachute, and wingsuit make it a blast to travel around the amazing-looking map, and the weapons and vehicles are awesome as well. This game would definitely a recommended one.

9. Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 is all about mindless fun and killing aliens. It’s wonderful to see a game mix comedy, seriousness, and strangeness all together so perfectly. Saints Row fans care about what the game’s about. This best open world games mainly cares about the fun, the characters, and the customization.

Review: Saints Row was never entirely about the story. Let’s be honest. It is actually a good thing. It made the games feel like this is not meant for entertainment, not for what a lot of games are meant for now: money grabbing. When playing this game, keep in mind that all Saints Row games are made to play the fun best action-adventure game.

Verdict: There are a million organized crime 3rd person open world shooters out there, saints row was one of those. We recommend this to purely comedic lovers, and for them, it is perfect to play and enjoy.

10. No Man’s Sky

We can see that any other game that has actually improved as much since its beginning. From graphics to gameplay and story and even adding best two player ps4 games or multiplayer, all of that was the original game plan and delivered. To continue to improve a game that is not an MMO for three years is impressive and bringing it to the VR atmosphere was a great move.

Review: This best open world game pc is what you think all games should be like. Every game on every platform should take some pointers from the amazing people at Hello Games. They took critic from their launch in 2016 well. They listen to what the travelers (players) wanted, they have created.

Verdict: In our suggestion one of the best games. If you have a dream about being inside No Man’s Sky. If anyone out there is thinking that it’s too late to play this game and ‘jump on this bandwagon’. This best open world game pc is constantly adding new and fun stuff for everyone. Base building, exploration, multiplayer, fantastic stories & missions, off-road vehicles & spaceships. Even now, in a few days (August 14th) they are releasing a massively update (3 updates in one massive update) called NMS: Beyond. Every update is free. It comes with the game. There is no in-game purchase. You have the same opportunities as everyone else who bought this game. Best open world games pc is well worth the money you spend on it. We Promise this. заём

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